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  1. steaky

    Super visa sample invitation letter

    You should really give a like to @Rossei for posting this sample invitation letter: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/sample-invitation-letter.339303/#post-4552118
  2. steaky

    Girlfriend into Common-law relationship sponsorship

    How about live in Brazil for a year and then apply outland?
  3. steaky

    GIC concern

    Are you talking about Guranteed Investment Certificate "GIC"?
  4. steaky

    Visitor Visa for my sister her Family.

    You can but the applicants's financial proofs shall also be submitted. They need to prove that they can provide their flight tickets & accommodation expenses as well. How long are they planning to stay?
  5. steaky

    Move to Ontario and pay taxes in Quebec

    I suggest you phone CRA which province shall the person claim to be a resident for tax purposes.
  6. steaky

    Newcomer PR mortgage questions

    Being from the UK, why didn't you reach out HSBC? HSBC gave me $10 k limit Credit card into my first days living here in BC while even store cards such as Canadian Tire rejected my application. HSBC also approved Canadian mortgage while I was working outside the country.
  7. steaky

    Can I go back Canada with PR card only, without passport?

    Not in the land and marine borders anyways.
  8. steaky

    Parents & Grandparents Program(PGP) 2022

    It's not the same. Things like going to hospital and see doctor - Parents with health cards get priority versus those without.
  9. steaky

    Spousal sponsorship

    You would be wasting more time if you just idle doing nothing and not making any decision.
  10. steaky

    Spousal sponsorship

    There's no income requirement for spousal sponsorship, so literally you can apply (as soon as you are in Canada) without a job.
  11. steaky

    Spousal sponsorship

    You need to submit your spousal sponsorship as soon as possible. You have already wasted some months since last November.
  12. steaky

    ID - One Quebec and one Ontario

    Maybe she's not driving or use her Quebec license in Ontario.
  13. steaky

    Proxy marriage

    I suggest you talk to immigration lawyer such as the host of this forum. A tax lawyer would not be of much help.
  14. steaky

    Applying for travel document for new born baby born to Canadians in India?

    The child needs a Canadian passport. Apply it with the citizenship certificate: https://www.international.gc.ca/country-pays/india-inde/new_delhi-info.aspx?lang=eng#CS
  15. steaky

    spouse last name question

    Why change last name officially? Can't she keeps her last name after marriage?
  16. steaky

    Supporting documents showing that you meet the residency obligation

    If you were outside Canada for 1095 days or more in the five years, then you need your residency proof in Canada. Is that clear to you?
  17. steaky

    PR CARD not received

    Nothing but wait. I've seen people waited over 6 months for their initial PR cards.
  18. steaky

    Supporting documents showing that you meet the residency obligation

    On the checklist (IMM 5644e-4 form), it ask you: include them only if you were outside of Canada for 1095 days or more in the five years and refer to appendix A of the instruction guide for a list of the documents required. So if this is not applicable, then you can just skip it.
  19. steaky

    Leaving Canada before getting PR

    You are PR with or without the card itself. If you don't have the actual PR card and are not US citizen, then you need either PRTD or go through a land border.