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    Working for US company in Canada on OPT

    Hello, My wife and I are Canadian PR, and will be moving to Canada next month permanently. My wife is currently working for a US company on her STEM-OPT and the US company is fine with her working remotely from Canada as well. In such a scenario, is she fine to continue working for the company...
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    Exporting a Vehicle from the U.S. and Importing into Canada: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

    Hello, I'll be moving to Canada permanently in February from Seattle, WA to Toronto and have decided to ship my car. I don't intend on driving my car cross country. Does anyone have experience with this? The shipping company I have spoken with, said they'll be delivering the car to a bonded...
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    Hello. Can anyone advice me on the question I had asked couple of days back? Will appreciate your feedback.
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    Hello everyone, I am currently residing in US working on H1B and also have a Canada PR card. I might have to travel to Canada for office related work and I plan to return back to US within 10 days. Entering Canada shouldn't be problem, since I already have a valid PR Card. While returning...
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    H1B stamping after activating PR

    If you are planning to return back to US after landing in Canada, then why not use the AVR option?
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    COPR and coronavirus

    American Airlines is allowing from US to enter Canada. The agent at the check in counter is usually not aware of COPR documents. She asked us to show PR cards as well. Later she spoke to her manager who was more informed about the process and told her to check if our COPR document was valid...
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    self-quarantine question

    Day 1 starts when you land. So if you land on Monday, that is counted as Day 1 of your 14days. Once the 14th day is completed at mid-night, your quarantine officially ends.
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    Soft Landing Experience to YYZ 10 days, F1 expired to H1B in US COS, AVR Return to US

    After you get your boarding pass, you first go to security. After scanning your carry-on bags, you head to US immigration. Due to COVID there is no crowd, so you don't have to bother standing in a line. You'll get directed to an available CBP officer. No need to say you need to use AVR. Just...
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    If I am not mistaken, you can still use AVR for crossing the border with an expired F1 Visa stamp, but valid I-797A and I94. @harirajmohan - Can you please comment on this, since I am not 100% sure? Update:- I know its a tough and confusing situation for you. Looking at your previous messages...
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    Hello everyone, My spouse and I were able to successfully enter USA from Canada without any issues today, after completing our soft-landing in Canada. I used the AVR option to enter. We landed in Canada by flight at Toronto Pearson Airport on June 16th and went into self-isolation for 14 days...
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    How do I get local address proof for SIN ?

    Actually I saw the same issue as well. I am thinking of calling them and asking what to do in this scenario. Since I just landed, I am staying at my relatives place and can't provide an address proof in my name.
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    Landing next week from Sarnia Border - H1B expired + Valid I-797

    1. I landed in Toronto Pearson Airport on June 16th. At the immigration, they just checked my CoPR document. I had also filled up form BSF186 for goods to follow to give it to customs. Additional documents were proof of funds, pics of the place where I was planning to self-isolate, even though...
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    Sorry I have no idea regarding entry into Canada on a student visa/study permit. So I am not sure what the CBSA personnel will be looking for to grant you entry. Try checking with people who entered Canada recently on a study permit. They'll have a better idea. For Question 2, I have no answer...
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    I get your point. I am not sure if you have a Canadian study permit which was approved before March 18, 2020. You know better if you satisfy that criteria.
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    This is what it says on the Canadian website:- If you’re an international student who has a valid study permit, or were approved for a study permit on or before March 18, 2020, you’re exempt from the travel restrictions. I feel it shouldn't be an issue for you to enter Canada if you satisfy...
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    I'll be using AVR as mentioned. So I have an expired visa stamp on my passport, but an I-797A document with updated I-94.
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    Will end on June 29th midnight. Will be free to leave on June 30th.
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    Rumors about an executive order that bans the entry H1b holders around.

    Hello everyone, I have been following this thread closely since since the past couple of days. I am currently in Toronto, Canada (landed on 16th June) to activate the PR. Currently under isolation. I am planning to fly back into US through Pearson Airport in the first week on July. Will be...
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) to enter USA

    Hello, Did you get an answer to this question? I am also planning to do the same in June and re-enter US using AVR in mid-July.
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Hello Neha, I don't feel a new PCC is required just because you traveled to India in January. If I am not mistaken an Indian PCC is valid for 6 months (please confirm online). As long as it's not expired, you should be good. You can check the below thread as well. Since you were in India for...