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    Hi - I had to give my fingerprints thrice during the entire process. Based on my experiences: 1. It could be random, if you have a common surname/name you might be asked for fingerprints. 2. as above. I have a very common surname and last name, the reason I believe I had to give my...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I applied for urgent processing from the Kitchener location. I was traveling within 48 hrs. There were around 100 people in front of me when I went. Around 8am, they started triaging. Asked for my travel document, which I provided. I was taken to a separate queue. I was called to the counter...
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    How to Contact MP

    yes i did
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    March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

    Finally after 3 years and 6 months, I completed my oath ceremony last week. Thank you everyone
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    How to Contact MP

    check your message
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    How to Contact MP

    sorry that it didnt work out for you. In my case, the application progressed based on the intervention from my MP. I applied 3 years ago
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    New Passport - Urgent Processing

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if anyone working in US or outside Canada has experience applying for a passport via urgent processing within Canada? I am planning to travel to Canada via road and attempt to apply for the passport. If anyone has any experience please let me know.
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    Proof of travel - Canadian passport urgent processing

    Hi Screenager...Do you know anyone who has been through this situation. I currently work in the US. The processing time for passports at Gatineau is 3+ months. I am planning to make a trip to Toronto to apply for passport under urgent pickup stating that I have to come back for my job. I am...
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    IRCC Scarborough Applicants - Online Test/Interview/DM/Oath

    is the Scarborough office conducting virtual as well as physical ceremonies now? jst out of curiosity
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    Claiming Fee refund/Compensation from IRCC for delays

    did you try reaching out to your local MP? I applied in March 2019, was in a similar boat as you. Gave fingerprints 3 times. I realized the webforms were not going anywhere. So I persistently started reaching out to my local MP. They intervened and I saw progress in my application. Might be...
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    Citizenship Certificate After Oath

    thank you
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    Citizenship Certificate After Oath

    which office is processing your application? and what did you do ? send an email or call them ?
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    Citizenship Certificate After Oath

    anyone tried to pick their citizenship certificate after their oath ceremony?
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    thank you :). yea its been a really long wait
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    I understand, I have been in the same spot as well. Try reaching out. But I believe yours will move soon.
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    Picking up the citizenship certificate

    Thank you for clarifying Arslan. I thought I had read it somewhere that one person was able to pick up his oath certificate from the office.
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    No. In my case, when my spouse had her oath, My background, physical, prohibitions and language were In Progress. Upon completion of the background check, within a week everything was completed. I waited for a week to see if there was any progress but that was not the case. Once I reached out to...
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    Picking up the citizenship certificate

    Hello Everyone, I have a question. Has anyone picked up the citizenship certificate immediately after the oath? Could you please let me know the process for the same. Thank you
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hi Walid..I have read here in the forum that this could happen. It happened to me as well. My spouse and I applied together and she completed her oath last month and mine is scheduled for next month
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    Decision made