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  1. jc94

    PR card collected by CIC.

    I replied to your PM as well but just take certificate to a service canada office 48h after the oath. That's requesting it, then takes anything from 24h to 8 weeks depending on how much you are willing to pay and if you have a ticket booked or urgent need (death of a family member) etc. This...
  2. jc94

    Fees payment date before eligibility date

    No. Based on people often having to resubmit due to an AoR issue.
  3. jc94

    What does "In Process" actually means after receiving AOR

    Allows them to load balance in part of an office is over busy. People may also try and send to non local (quieter) offices to speed up processing then complain when they have to drive 20 hours for a test etc?
  4. jc94

    living with a canadian

    No, you don’t. Last 5 years history is required, but you do not have to have filed.
  5. jc94

    AOR through email or snail mail

    Yes. Also known as Canada Post or Postes Canada.
  6. jc94

    210,930 Citizenship Grant Applications PENDING - including 42,000 awaiting citizenship ceremony and 87,000 awaiting citizenship test (as of May 2020)

    Scarborough (Greater Chinese Cultural Centre) was doing 600 per *day* and 3 or more days a week back in February. Two ceremonies a day each which around 300 people. And I believe it was similar towards the end of last year based on a friends Mom. I believe this was one of of not the largest...
  7. jc94

    Job ended on month end - is that a gap in history?

    Confirmed as not a gap from my own application which had no issues. For different addresses and a job move.
  8. jc94

    To renew or not renew PR card?

    ... I mean one can also cross the US/Canada border on foot without a PR card, or obtain a PRTD. Not ideal, nor easy/cheap in many cases but IRCC basically stopped PR card renewals (it was 289 days a couple of weeks ago) it seems. Sad truth is Canada may claim PR has all the rights except...
  9. jc94

    Is It worth it, changing My Address Now?

    I’d change it, who knows what the future holds and you don’t want IRCC to think something is amiss given the two addresses are quite a way apart. I mean, way it’s looking BC could be back to normal oaths well before ON too. Just my two cents.
  10. jc94

    Status changes regarding certificate delivery

    Did you take the oath? DM is not the end, it takes 2-3 months to get an oath invite and that’s ignoring COVID. I have no idea where you are seeing this status because you normally get the certificate at the ceremony, and as far as I’m aware the few virtual ceremonies have been recent (not...
  11. jc94

    if virtual test is not conducted, the whole process just piles up

    I don’t see this happening, they have people walking around checking people are speaking, not going to happen with most masks. Virtual ceremonies are different of course, though this thread was entitled virtual tests!
  12. jc94

    Update: CIC is Currently Processing Applications Received Before.....

    The clock also stops when DM is made, not when you take your oath. So actual time is 14-15 months on average. With COVID, add at least 6 months on.
  13. jc94

    Passport exit entry stamps translation ??

    The 5 years before application/eligibility (1095 days in Canada) date. As per the date calculator. I have no idea why police cert is a different date but it has been for a long time.
  14. jc94

    AOR through email or snail mail

    Actually they will probably use email but may decide not to for one or more steps. My oath for example was my snail mail despite AOR, FP, Test all by email. And for actual snail mail ... for me when I got AOR the mailing address was from my PR (lawyers address) several years before. There are...
  15. jc94

    PR Card - Lost and found

    Thanks, webform was already submitted. Apparently multiple webforms on the same UCI etc reference get associated into one ticket (kinda surprised IRCC has this) so should be all good, fingers crossed!
  16. jc94

    PR Card - Lost and found

    If someone loses their PR card - reports it via the webform to IRCC, and then it's found again (same day) - what's the best approach to STOP them cancelling it especially given the current 287 day wait for a new one? I assume submitting a new web form and maybe phoning them (assuming this is...
  17. jc94

    English Language proof for Citizenship

    Not that if you didn’t take a test for PR, the requirements for citizenship are much easier than PR. Easier as in cheaper and more limited to take too (only need scores on speaking and listening). But if you have other proof from say education that’s also good. If you have any that is.
  18. jc94

    Did mistake on application form...what should i do now

    You can’t do anything pre AOR without all the reference details from AOR. Submit a note with details electronically once AOR arrives. Very unlikely will be picked up before application is processed. Note: For other readers if this error were to affect 1095 days is a different natter, but for...
  19. jc94

    Should i send copies of my stamped passport pages?

    Provide what they ask, sending more may just irritate the person who had to look through it all. They may (read: normally do) go through passport after test as part of the interview. For some people they do not, even with a lots of travel history. Now if you have stamps that need translating...
  20. jc94

    Applying for citizenship in Less than 1095

    And to add people have applied with 1095 and missed a day and been rejected with 1094. So no, there is no point in applying.