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    Unusual delay

    It's now been 15 days since I sent out the RQ.. Hopefully it won't take as long as what others say :(
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    All RQ Applicant Please Join Us On Twitter

    Followed. Anything else I can do?
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    Documents for RQ

    Aren't T4's good enough? I still don't understand the health record thing.
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    Do you think the request of those docs listed in a RQ is an invasion of privacy?

    totally. quoting from my own thread... Does the government really need to know that I have a spending problem?? LOL I don't have any debt other than my mortgage(which I think is an investment rather than debt). Good credit ratings, always pay my taxes, own several vehicles, good enough job...
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    Need citizenship questionaire

    stick to the book dude.
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    Citizenship test in the morning...Certificate the same day? Why not everywhere?

    winnipeg is not a province... just sayin
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    Unusual delay

    I applied alone. I married a Canadian and now have a Canadian daughter as well. I assume I was given the RQ because: I went to the states for a week(to Vegas, family vacation). A day trip to the states(5minute trip to pick up a parcel) A lay-over to get to Korea with my new born child to...
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    Unusual delay

    I got the RQ after the test... Yikes :(
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    Received Residence Questionnaire after leaving country

    My RQ form just says tick this box if you wish to share yoru CBSA info to CIC. I thought i'd share that..
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    I got my RQ after the test(at the test). Just working on the RQ at the moment. Do I really have to send them ALL my credit card statements? that's gonna be a binder full of statements, since I only use my credit cards? What about the property assessments? I am missing a copy from 2008-2009...
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    Unusual delay

    meanwhile, my PR card expired. Should I renew it? no plan for me to travel outside of canada in the near future..
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    Unusual delay

    Finally an update! ;D I am set to write the exam in less than a month in Nanaimo!
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    Reasons for becoming a citizen

    I want to become a RCMP officer.
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    Unusual delay

    Still no update on my status... Is there anyone that I could contact and check my status??
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    Unusual delay

    Hello folks, First time poster here. I do realize obtaining of Citizenship is a 19month long process. Though after doing some digging, I am starting to think there is something wrong with my case... Here is my timeline.. Citizenship We received your application for Canadian citizenship...