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  1. goldenbrown

    Landing Questions and OHIP Questions

    Your husband's insurance most likley does not cover what OHIP covers, which is doctors and hospitals but is probably coverage such as Extended benefits (vision, dental and so on..) so double check that part and you will most likely need to buy private insurance while you await OHIP.
  2. goldenbrown

    Ontario - questions regarding the health insurance for initial 3 months

    1. What coverage amount is resonable? Anything ranging from $25,000 per person if you are a healthy individual to $50,000 or $100,000 if you believe you might have issues in the future or have a history of past chronic health issues. In this case coverage for preexisting conditions might be...
  3. goldenbrown

    BC PNP March 2015

    Heya - applied Mar 22nd BC PNP international Graduate stream- got PNP nomination yesterday. Anyone know how to go about the Policy Certificate for PR?
  4. goldenbrown

    Health Insurance While Waiting For PGWP

    What you will need is a visitor to Canada policy- basically designed for people who don't have provincial coverage yet. There's quite a few companies to take a look at - and we have an online comparison tool so you can see which company offers the best benefits. <a...
  5. goldenbrown

    Insurance problem-Help

    You can take a look there's a wide range of options available- there's even an online comparison tool you can use to see what company offers best benefits. <a href=https://arbetovinsurance.com/visitorstocanada/?utm_source=canada visa&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=usr001/>private health insurance...
  6. goldenbrown

    Canadian citizen (Baby) not covered for health

    They can try to apply for a private health care plan - called Visitors To Canada in case they are ineligible for the government health care. Note that it's only temporary coverage in case she or her baby get sick or injured so the coverage is limited in that way. But other than that that might...
  7. goldenbrown

    Health Insurance for Extended of Stay, HELP!

    IN terms of medical insurance - if you already have a Super Visa - the insurance requirement is not as strict- you can purchase it before or after coming to Canada. One reason to do it beforehand is to avoid a waiting period - which sometimes is up to 7 days. Same thing with visitors visa. If...
  8. goldenbrown


    Try to speak to an agent see maybe there are options for you. https://arbetovinsurance.com/life-insurance-canada/
  9. goldenbrown

    Travel Insurance

    Some visas list it as a prerequisite so it might might want to check with CIC.
  10. goldenbrown

    Seeing a doctor during the 3 month waiting period

    Flu and fever most likely will qualify as emergencies. Routine check ups will not be covered (routine meaning you went for a check up even though you have not exhibited any symptoms). So basically if you feel sick or come down with fever or flu you would be covered. In any case before you go...
  11. goldenbrown

    Seeing a doctor during the 3 month waiting period

    You can get a plan for New Immigrants from a private insurance company and most of those plans cover you in case of fever and flu. https://arbetovinsurance.com/new-immigrants-canada-insurance/ You can email directly at eugene@arbetovinsurance.com if you need a personalized quote or advice.
  12. goldenbrown

    Super Visa Medical Insurance

    You have to have a proof of insurance valid for 1 year to attach it to your application. This is one of the main requirements of being granted the Super Visa. You can either go with a monthly plan or buy for the whole year. The whole year is usually less expensive but monthly plan is more...
  13. goldenbrown

    private health care companies in Ontario that cover pregancy costs?

    The quote was for 1 year - and the premium is yearly, not monthly. The duration is 12 months - extensions are available if needed.
  14. goldenbrown

    Settlement funds & Health Insurance

    If you need temporary insurance while you are waiting for work benefits to kick in you can search through the insurance plans offered by Canadian companies at https://arbetovinsurance.com/visitorstocanada/
  15. goldenbrown

    Health Insurance Coverage

    The minimum coverage you pick should be based on your age, the duration of coverage you need, your medical history. Canadian health care is not the most affordable so I would advise comparing different coverage amount - sometimes you can get a lot more coverage for only slightly higher premiums...
  16. goldenbrown

    activate IEC work permit whilst holidaying and returning after a few months

    You might be requested to provide the proof of insurance if if you fail to do so- you'd be given a choice to purchase it on the spot. You can apply for IEC travel insurance that is valid across all Canadian provinces- here's the rate comparison...
  17. goldenbrown

    Health Insurance on IEC - Australians

    They were probably looking for repatriation coverage which is one of the requirements which is lacking with provincial health care plans. Hopefully they will straighten that out so that people are not confused. But it's correct - private coverage is not valid while provincial coverage is in...
  18. goldenbrown

    Duration/length of IEC + insurance requirements for Australian moving to Canada

    Could find the exact quote from CIC but here's the extract from another source: http://www.cicnews.com/2015/03/international-experience-canada-opens-foreign-youth-seeking-work-canada-034602.html It mentioned the maximum visa duration to be 24 months for both Australian and UK nationals. In...
  19. goldenbrown

    Travel/ Medical insurance from India

    While it's not mandatory to have insurance coverage it's suggested you get one in order to protect yourself against sickness/injury. Canadian companies are usually preferable since they have established networks for direct billing allowing for cashless policies. So in the event of an emergency...
  20. goldenbrown

    Super Visa - Online application from Bangladesh

    The insurance part is part of the application. Once you purchase the insurance policy you will receive your policy confirmation that you attach with your application for Super Visa. It has to be a 1 year contract with $100,000 coverage. When you purchase an insurance plan- select the start date...