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    About LMIA application in Alberta

    Will pre approved lmia work?...
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    Pre approved lmia alberta

    If someone have pre approved lmia for alberta , can he apply for work permit?
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    Lmia in Alberta

    Not yet...
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    Mail from service Canada

    Do i have to go with pre approved lmia?..is it wise decision or not?because chances of work permit are less I think because alberta don’t want foreign workers currently...so will my work permit refused?
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    Lmia in Alberta

    Same situation
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    Lmia in Alberta

    If someone have pre approved lmia?...will it work or suspended ?
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    LMIA update

    Could you please tell me about pre approved lmia?. if my employer have pre approved lmia then is it fine?
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    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

    Hello friends...are new files accepting in aipp?..noc 7511..any one with noc 7511?
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    Passport renewal after PGWP application

    Brother after applying take submission letter with you and from cic website print a document where mention your visa validity is not issued more than your passport.. I am also going to renew my passport ...my passport is 1 year and 10 months valid still
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    Passport renewal after PGWP application

    What is your nationality?
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    Passport renewal after PGWP application

    Same conditions but i have applied for lmia work Permit outside canada...but yes you can renew your passport and have to update new passport through web form..
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    Passport expiring before work permit?

    I have applied for canada work permit which is 2 year contract. Can i renew my passport during my application processing? Because my current passport will expire on (5/7/2021 ) and if i got a visa approved then it will be issued according to my passport expiry date ... Application process take...
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    Work permit from country of residence or home country?

    If I apply online from india...I have to go to india or i can apply from here (dubai)?
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    Work permit from country of residence or home country?

    i am indian citizen currently working in dubai... can i apply my (work Permit)file online from india while working here?..or i have to apply from my current residence(dubai)? I was asking this because processing time is very long in dubai(23weeks) as compare to india(6weeks)?
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    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Truck driver?...give me your Whatspp?
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    Canada work permit applied in UAE Abudhabi 2019

    Brother...under which noc code you applied?
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    Biometric regarding help

    Hello guys...plz help .. can i give my biometric in Dubai if i submit my file online from india??. I am working in uae from 1 year ..
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    Police clearnce from india

    Hello guys... I want to know which pcc is valid for canada visa (from local police station or from passport office)?... Is there any difference between them or which is good ?