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  1. Maggie03

    Education suggestion

    my husband is looking for a job which require to have Grade 11 equivalency in Quebec, But he do not have any of his certification here in Canada, He wanted to do any studies in Montreal that will be equivalent to grade 11
  2. Maggie03

    Education suggestion

    What education is equivalent to Grade 11 I can take in Canada? Something part time and short term I can complete thanks
  3. Maggie03

    Changes on Oct 11, 2017 - Executive summary/FAQ C-6

    If you are refugee claimant since 2013 does that count as half day ?
  4. Maggie03

    Letter from CIC Misrepresentation

    I guess that the reason they have the Interview before AIP during sponsorship
  5. Maggie03

    Letter from CIC Misrepresentation

    with the new law the Conditional PR no longer valid no ?
  6. Maggie03

    WhatsApp Group for George Brown College Jan'17 intake

    Could you create a Invite link for whatsapp
  7. Maggie03

    Immigration opportunity after studies? need some advise

    She want to plan to study here then choose a route to immigrate after graduate while in Canada
  8. Maggie03

    Immigration opportunity after studies? need some advise

    My niece has a certification in hotel management and currently working as a chef in her home country with 9 years experience, She is planning to do Diploma in Chef 2 years course in Canada, is this a best route? does she have a chance to work after graduate and if yes under what program, please...
  9. Maggie03

    Condition 51 missing from COPR

    It heard it might take effect in Spring 2017 doesn't mean it has been repealed as of yet
  10. Maggie03

    Condition 51 missing from COPR

    Repealed? its still in effect no?
  11. Maggie03

    Person under deportation order got approval letter from CIC

    He is still a person, Human and have a family as well
  12. Maggie03

    Person under deportation order got approval letter from CIC

    in your friend case, since he/she got AIP and have file transferred to local office its most probably the wait for Interview call, Order case file and read what trigger the Interview In the meantime if he receive a call from CBSA for Interview go for it, It's most likely for removal ready, when...
  13. Maggie03


    Landed Aug 4th, PR card received Sept 7th
  14. Maggie03

    My husband met with Canada Border Service. Help please..

    You are lucky the CBSA officer is willing to help you, no matter what you do please comply to report to them as required, here what going to happen, you need to submit your application for sponsorship asap, gather all evidence and fill up all the forms and dont hide anything as it could end up...
  15. Maggie03

    Only experienced people can help me, SErious family problem, hardship in my life

    Pros you can remarry and start a new life here Cons I don't know. Your wife is in India and I have no idea on how the divorce works in that case since she is not here to sign the papers. It's better to ask a lawyer advise
  16. Maggie03

    Waiting for PR CARD - 2015 / 2016

    My husband landed Aug 4th any idea estimate time for PR card arrival ?
  17. Maggie03

    Refugee interview questions - share your experience here

    If you are a genuine refugee then you will know its not a good or pleasant expérience to share
  18. Maggie03

    Expired Work Permit + Inland Spousal Sponsorship *URGENT PLEASE*

    when did you submit the app? worst case scenario if CBSA called for appointment and they see you have inland sponsorship they will write to cic to expedite it even tho before AIP its all depending on the office, but if you got called for CBSA appointment, Walk in with your husband, Dont ignore it
  19. Maggie03


    Ours they took 2, the COPR copy we have no pictures on it