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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    From Winnipeg here. I received my test invite this morning. Family Application received May 30, was IN PROCESS since Sept 30. Our scheduled test will be on Dec 5.
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Same here from Winnipeg. In Process since Sept 30, still no update until now.
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Hi Everyone. I've been reading this thread. I got two emails this morning with UCI # for me and my daughter, I assumed it is AOR. My husband received one as well. Application sent: May 27, 2019 Application received: not sure the date/used regular mail AOR: Aug 14
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    Pinoy Winnipeg Bound Spouse Sponsorship

    Hi anyone! Im more than a month here in winnipeg but still no friends tho :(