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    fanshawe student sharing accomodation contact me if your visa will be granted (only boy)

    I am current student at fanshawe college and living alone if someone waana accomodation please contact me
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    fanshawe college

    give me ur whatsapp number
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    fanshawe college

    general art and science
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    accomodation for fanshwe college student

    hey friends, i m living alone , if anyone need sharing room , msg me back , i m student at fanshwe.
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    fanshawe college

    hi buddy , i m student at fanshawe , living alone if ur will be approved contact me , i can share room
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    fanshawe college

    hey parshat i m student at fanshawe , if ur visa will be improved contact me ,i m living alone , i can share my room
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    Need roommate Fanshawe college

    I have a room for sharing base contact me if anyone interested
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    Accommodation sharing base Fanshawe college

    I need sharing base accommodation plzz contact me
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    Need sharing base accommodation Fanshawe college

    I need accommodation on sharing base near Fanshawe college coming on 17th august.Anybody interested plz reply me back?
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    lets share visa status, June applicants only.

    Sign in through gc account and with the help of uci and application number.
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    Visa for September 2018 intake!!!

    It It will be written as you passed the medical exam.... All stages have question mark as all other people
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    Visa under general category

    u should link your file on gc key on cic website then u can know update regarding your application
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    Student visa for Sep intake

    I got An acknowledgement letter on 4th JuLy
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    Student visa for Sep intake

    Applied on 20th June under non sds, no any update, offline
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    File (non sds) under process

    I applied on 20th June, non sds acknowledgement on 4th July, medical is not updated yet
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    June 20-30 applied any updates?

    I applied on 20th June offline general, got acknowledgement on 4th,july ,medical is not updated
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    For information

    I m not a experience person but u can consult it from any reputed agent