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    Adding spouse after AOR

    Dear Seniors! I need a guidance in one question. I received my COPR in February, 2021 and it’s valid till January, 22. Next month I’m going to get married and add my wife to my application as per the procedure. However question is, when I applied, I showed proof of funds only per one person...
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    my AOR is also 22 January, pls keep us updated
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    Ok thank you, I didn't know that. Just wondering why eligibility processing has not started. My friend's AOR is february and he called IRCC, they said him eligibility is met.
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    Ok that means then mine is not unusual
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    I called IRCC and asked VO. Agent said it's Nova Scotia. FSW under PNP nomination
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    called IRCC today, they said my eligibility processing has not started yet. VO is Nova Scotia, AOR 22 Jan, 2020. Medical passed on 3 February, Biometrics completed on 10 February. BG says we are processing your BG check, we'll send you a message if we need more info. I wonder why eligibility has...
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    Obtaining a Turkish Police Certificate - help needed!

    Hi, I also requested clearance certificate from Turkey and it came from Ministry of Justice, General directorate of judicial records and statistics. Is it the same with yours?
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    Proof of Fund - Car sale documentation

    could you please advise how you provided proof of funds? I also want to sell my car, so don't know how to proceed with.
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    NOI Alberta

    I got my FN on 5th of November and still awaiting Nomination. Anyone who is in my shoes?
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    PLEASE HELP: Expression of Interest Alberta; AINP

    I have the same questions too! Don't know how to proceed with these questions? Have you sent them reference letter without those 3 points (min education for job, min work exp, min skills so on)? And have u sent them reference letters for all employers?
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    PLEASE HELP: Expression of Interest Alberta; AINP

    I am in the I am in the same boat too, guys. How we can find answers to these questions?
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Sorry one question. Did you submit reference letter only for the job that you've claimed points, i.e. only in your primary NOC or for the all jobs you've had? I previously had jobs in different NOC, I don't know should I submit reference letters for these jobs too. Thank you!
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    Query regarding AINP Forms

    employer contact surname, employer contact given name, position or title - I believe these columns refer to the employer (HR manager I guess), right? And secondly, under the previous employment, Section F, do I need to show my jobs even in different NOC? Would it affect my application? Please...
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Dear All, In AINP_012 form, under E-Current Employment "Total years of experience to date" - did you include total years of work experience for the all jobs you've had or only years of experience for the current job? And, for the F-Previous Employment, I've had jobs for the past 10 years in...
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    Ray of Hope - 119th Draw

    I'll join pool in July with 450 score, but I lost all my hope. Don't know if re-taking IELTS would boost my score as it was not easy to hit CLB-9 in the first place:(
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    Ray of Hope - 118th Draw

    I'll enter pool in July with 450 scores. I lost my hope too
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    Ray of Hope - 118th Draw

    why on earth they should be cursed?
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    IELTS 6 April 2019(General Training only): Let’s connect here guys

    if you are definitely sure that your writing is no way on par with 6.5 essays, then yes you should definitely go for it! If not and your previous writing scores were consistently revolving around 6.5, I'd refrain from doing so. My previous writing scores were consistently 7.5 for the last 2 exam...