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    Ray of hope - 152nd Draw - CEC

    All these 470s talks reminds me of the good old days when the score hovered around mid 440s. Those were the days. And mind you, that was not a long time ago. Crazy how the scores just sky rocketed.
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    "Secret" same sex couple in Dubai. One is applying for Express entry. Can he declare the relationship on the application and not be punished in Dubai?

    I agree that there can be some risks involved during background checks initiated within the country, especially if a native VO is involved in assessing the application. While rationally it might seem ridiculous that a VO will risk outing sensitive information, I wouldn't leave anything to...
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    Omg congratulations @SithLord ! Im a little late to the party. Don't check this forum regularly any more but I was thinking about your case the other day. So so happy that you got through finally!
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    I responded to exactly what you wrote and I quote: "FSWs are not entering Canada the moment they receive ITAs, they will have 3 months to submit their application and at least 6 months to have their applications processed, and most likely will take longer. By then, there will either be a...
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    A vaccine and heard immunity is 6 months? That's being very very very optimistic. Try 18 months. That's more realistic. This has nothing to do with the draws tho. Hopefully they start fsw ones soon.
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    PGWP and study permit at the same time...

    I think it was pretty clear from the various resources available in the CIC website that the work done during full time studying would not count. I definitely did not want to risk it even if there was some chance. I applied immediately after I finished my 1 year work experience in Canada...
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    PGWP and study permit at the same time...

    However I did not use my TA or RA experience.
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    PGWP and study permit at the same time...

    Hi, yes things worked out fine at the end. I managed to get PR last year :)
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    Ray of Hope - 146th Draw - PNP

    Point still stands that there are alot of effected people in Canada because of being laid off. Which directly leads to further questions on the job front and the foreseeable future in which the government will have to support a large fraction of the population to help make their ends meet.
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    Ray of Hope - 146th Draw - PNP

    From the perspective of the labour force and job market, I think it makes no sense for new foreign workers to come to Canada in the near future. Now I know this is an unpopular opinion but hear me out. Canada and the rest of the world is gearing up for a recession. There's already tens of...
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    Bridging work permit, after PR profile is created.

    Timing is the biggest drawback I think. Let's say even if you receive an invitation in the next week's draw, you will have to submit a complete PR application with police clearance reports, educational assessments, medical reports etc. And all of these docs take a lot of time to arrange. Not...
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    Applicants from Sri Lanka Connect here

    I don't know of any authority that will provide that information. This is going to be an issue for your pr application as well. You will have to provide the accurate international travel dates for that. I advice you to check your previous emails and plane tickets, credit card bills, friend nand...
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    Bridge open wok permit (Bowp)

    Well this is on the assumption that you will be able to apply for pr in the meantime and send the AOR before they have time to process the application.
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    Ray of Hope - 134th Draw

    No. They will request for it if require, after you submit your pr application.
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    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    I cannot stress how much I disagree with the first para of this post. I have been in Canada for 8 yrs now and I know MANY Europeans from UK, France Italy Germany etc. as well as from US who have migrated here through permenant residency, like all of us are trying to do. So no, it's not just...
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    Bridge open wok permit (Bowp)

    You can always apply a paper based bowp application. It will take longer to be processed but you will be able to at least go around the loop of the expired wp being an issue with the submission for bowp.
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    My application has been rejected. Have some questions to restart the process!

    You should definitely appeal. Technically speaking you didn't even have to submit an eca for your bachelors bcz ypur highest educational credential is a master's from Canada and they only assess the highest educational qualification. I also have a colleague and she got her pr approved without...
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    Just Fired. 3 weeks away from 1 year experience. What does this mean for my CEC PR?

    It all depends on the letter from your company. It should technically state how many hours you work in a week on average. And you have to corroborate that number when you are filling the PR application where they will ask how many hours you work per week. I worked 40 hrs per week on average so...
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    Arrest. Devastated.

    Congratulations! Can you explain a bit further on the outcomes if you don't mind? 1) were the charges lifted? 2) did you get PR approved?