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  1. Simba112

    About cancel my withdrawal of refugee claim

    Sorry for what you are going through, but it is important not to make decision when you are either too emotional or frustrated when it involves other family members. Since there is Minister Intervention, and you sent notification to withdraw, its like you retreat and surrender. However, your...
  2. Simba112

    Complex Hearing

    Family and their lawyer are in better position since they attended first hearing and have an idea of how it was and why it was long
  3. Simba112

    Moving to Canada

    Stay in India.
  4. Simba112

    withdraw refugee claim

    You can call IRB to inquire withdraw status, and once that is done, call CBSA or walk in nearby airport and speak with an officer. they will make arrangement to give your passport when boarding a flight back home. Its a process, with backlog, so give it time
  5. Simba112

    acceptance rate

    Acceptance rate data is based on Country of Persecution, not where application was made or processed
  6. Simba112


    You can request his passport back and put him on your application. you may need to apply to extend visitors stay
  7. Simba112

    Minister Intervention Deadline

    Usually 14days before resumption of process, but it doesnt mean after 14days Minister can not respond or intervene, https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/sor-2012-256/FullText.html
  8. Simba112

    Help to sign to support on of us facing deportation

    Sorry for what you've been going through. I will sign to support your plea to stay
  9. Simba112

    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    one of your photo as well
  10. Simba112

    Refugee travel document

    Then the passport is not valid, so the answer is no
  11. Simba112

    What this message means?

    You are right, all he needed was 1hr
  12. Simba112

    Country you can visit with PR and Refugee Travel document.

    There is this link, but no harm creating another one if this is not updated https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/visa-free-countries-with-rtd.754119/
  13. Simba112

    What this message means?

    I guess we should all NOT comment after this for the sake of not disrespect you.. All the best with 3-4months timeline. Your lawyer is the best, I guess he is the lawyer, IRB registry clerk, IRB deciding member on your hearing plus he process and prints travel document. He can get all done in...
  14. Simba112

    Protected person got married pefore applying PR

    NO its not a mistake to upload them...
  15. Simba112

    What this message means?

    You are being sensitive and i dont see any problem with @itzdrmac comment. As other's comment, there is waiting period when you file your refugee claim up to before hearing. that period you dont have any status in Canada, but in your case you do have Valid Study Permit, so you have that...
  16. Simba112

    Protected person got married pefore applying PR

    Why are you worrying about photograph? you dont have them incase they ask?
  17. Simba112

    Protected person got married pefore applying PR

    You need to read entire policy before worrying about the pictures https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/mandate/policies-operational-instructions-agreements/immigration-refugee-protection-act-spousal-policy.html
  18. Simba112

    Work permit for asylum seekers

    OP can call IRB or use his Lawyer for follow up. They could be interesting information, someone holding the file. My quit guess is he was International Student changing to Refugee Claimant, though that could not be the case, All he can do is for OP Lawyer to contact intake office directly