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  1. ankitptrivedi

    Proof of income

    Appreciate any help on this I will be sponsoring my soon to be wife. I have been working for 6 months(since Mar 2019) and I moved to Canada 4 months before that(November 2018) so I filed NOA with 0 income as I did not have any income in Canada in 2018. What are my options as the NOA or Proof of...
  2. ankitptrivedi

    Opening Canadian bank account before landing

    It took around 5 days.
  3. ankitptrivedi

    Travel (non-immigrant) visa to USA for Canadian Permanent Resident

    Hi everyone, I'm filling out the online application for a visitor visa and I can see 2 options : B1/B2 and B2. I only intend to travel for leisure and not for any business purpose but I see a lot of people applying for the B1/B2 category. So are there any advantages apart from the obvious one...
  4. ankitptrivedi

    Survey request

    I have completed the survey. It doesn’t ask for any personal information.
  5. ankitptrivedi

    Opening Canadian bank account before landing

    I asked a few banks about this : RBC said they’d want my signature to be notarised by a lawyer to open a deposit only Savings account. CIBC said they in general do not allow an account to be opened from another country but asked me to contact a branch nearest to where I plan to live and they...
  6. ankitptrivedi

    Scotiabank - Funds transfer before landing

    Yeah it was a bit odd that they said they won’t accept an online transfer because it would be considered a third party transfer even if it comes from an account in your name.
  7. ankitptrivedi

    Scotiabank - Funds transfer before landing

    I just had a chat with a Scotiabank representative and she told me that they do not accept online wire transfer. They only accept wire transfer done through your bank branch.
  8. ankitptrivedi

    Scotiabank - Funds transfer before landing

    Hi, what did you mention in the Transit code? The one I received is 5 digit and my bank needs a 9 digit Transit code.
  9. ankitptrivedi

    Visa after CoPR

    The visa stamp on your passport will have an expiration date, which would be 1 year from your medicals. So yes PA and accompanying members must land on or before that date.
  10. ankitptrivedi

    Best Strategy For Immigration

    You will need to submit experience letters and job duties letter for Canada as well.
  11. ankitptrivedi

    Using an Agent vs doing it yourself

    If you decide to hire a consultant, make sure they are registered here.
  12. ankitptrivedi

    Canada PR visa Consultant

    You can search for IRCC regulated immigration consultants on this website. Input your city or nearest city and it will show their names, membership status and contact information.
  13. ankitptrivedi

    How to survive the Express Entry process?

    The wait is easy pre-ita because you’re busy getting your documents ready and it occupies your mind. Post-ita is when the wait becomes gruesome and impatience kicks in(opt out of being in a whatsapp/telegram group because everyone’s impatience rubs off on you). Try to keep yourselves busy and...
  14. ankitptrivedi

    Please advice

    Seems fake
  15. ankitptrivedi

    Please advice
  16. ankitptrivedi

    March 2018 AOR - join here!

    Yes CIO does issue PPR.
  17. ankitptrivedi

    March 2018 AOR - join here!

    The photos have to be of the specifications mentioned. It is different from the ones that you may have submitted after ITA.
  18. ankitptrivedi

    6 selection points vs. CRS points

    I know you’re asking why they should award points for relatives in six selection factors when only points for siblings are considered for CRS. Qualifying under the six selection factor opens up options to immigrate to Canada so those 5 points for adaptability could prove to be really useful for...
  19. ankitptrivedi

    CRS score - need advice

    You should request a re-mark on the writing module if it hasn’t been more than 6 weeks since your test date.