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  1. EstherBarros

    Vancouver - DM to Oath? Anyone have up-to-date timeline?

    This is my timeline, but you should check the spreadsheets and sort by location to have a better overall idea- seems like only 15% of June 2018 applicants have been invited to take/have taken their their Oaths (in the June 2018 spreadsheet, I seem to be the only Vancouver applicant so far)...
  2. EstherBarros

    Do they need my valid Philippine passport when applying for a Canadian passport after oath taking?

    No, Canada does not require to see your other passport. You DO have to present a valid proof of ID though, which has to be government issued and meet certain requirements (contain picture, date of birth etc, please check the passport application form for details), so if you do not have another...
  3. EstherBarros

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Hi everyone, I am one of the people who is able to update the sheet (I thought there were more but I don't see anyone else). I had my oath this past Friday, March 8. While I had been waiting for this for a long time, I had a death in my family the week before that, so everything is bitter...
  4. EstherBarros

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Updated Updated
  5. EstherBarros

    Pgwp holder to getting married

    You need to have status in Canada at the time of the inland sponsorship application to qualify for the pilot program which will allow you to get the open work permit sooner. You should apply for the OWP with the inland sponsorship application. As I understand it, if you are out of status, you do...
  6. EstherBarros

    Some questions regarding Citizenship.

    This will be for applying for a passport AFTER you become a Canadian citizen. You do not need a guarantor to apply for a grant of citizenship. You will need a guarantor once you have your certificate of citizenship on and and are applying for a passport.
  7. EstherBarros

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Hi, I think you should contact IRCC by phone and ask if it is possible to process your family member's application separately from the rest of the family (hopefully they will be able to let you know what steps need to be taken for this). As I understand it, and having reviewed the link you...
  8. EstherBarros

    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    updated Updated Added to the sheet. Care to share your physical presence days and whether this is a single of family application? Updated
  9. EstherBarros

    More than 3 years out of canada- Residency status, renew PR

    If a PR is not in Canada, then those days do not count towards meeting PR RO. The PR family members in Canada will have their RO, and they should be fine, the fact that one of the family members is not in Canada should not impact the other family members' PR statuses or their abilities to apply...
  10. EstherBarros

    If I was refused entry to Canada once and Refused an Extension, could my BOWP be refused?

    Oh I didnt realise the application was filed after status was expired =/ scylla is correct, definitely apply for a restoration of status! Also, I would educate myself a bit more on the process and terms, just so you can make sure the lawyer is doing their job correctly (I only say this because...
  11. EstherBarros

    Eligible to apply for Citizenship, Wife worked Part Time in 2017, Please advise.

    Are you and your family members currently permanent residents of Canada? If not, then you are not eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. If yes, whether you are employed does not matter, you have to have been present in Canada for 3 years out of the last 5 as permanent residents (non-PR...
  12. EstherBarros

    If I was refused entry to Canada once and Refused an Extension, could my BOWP be refused?

    Do you mean you applied for the Spousal open work permit? if you never had a work permit before, why would you be applying for a bridging work permit? I *think* you are under implied status because of the inland application, and also *think* that if you mean you are waiting for the spousal work...
  13. EstherBarros

    Paper application sent to Vegreville no longer open!!!

    Correct, they will either get it back in the mail eventually, OR it may have been forward to Edmonton. Given it takes a while to receive AOR, and it also takes a while for mail to return to sender, he is better off sending a fresh application to Edmonton with a letter of explanation (just in...
  14. EstherBarros

    US Citizen Trying To Work In Canada With Potential Permanent Residence

    You are better off going back to school, looking at the immigration programs available, or simply getting married on paper to process the application so you can be together. No business will try to get an LMIA for a retail position, that's very expensive and really not much qualification is...
  15. EstherBarros

    Name change on passport

    I am pretty sure you need to have your original passport changed to the name in order to get the PR in that name- I believe they will only issue documents that match your original travel document. I may be wrong! I changed my name in my PR card AFTER I was already a PR, it was simple enough.
  16. EstherBarros

    Got My PR : Doubt about Steps To Citizenship

    Reply above covered all of your questions :) I would second that having a buffer is best, look through the forum for posts by @dpenabill to read more about this.
  17. EstherBarros

    Oath experience

    No, I am in Vancouver. I have seen several reports of people receiving it though, and several different versions of the documents to bring etc. I also know that they ask you to sign it again (usually) before the oath, per reports here in the forum :) there's really no problem, especially if...
  18. EstherBarros

    Citizenship application 2019

    Here are some links from the Canadian government website. You should read all of this, then afterwards if things are not clear, you can ask for help.
  19. EstherBarros

    Hamilton Office Oath Ceremony wait time.

    Just check the spreadsheets, you can gauge how long it's taking :)
  20. EstherBarros

    Informing CIC of travel dates

    I think calling should be enough. I sent a letter and hand delivered it (I am very close to IRCC offices). I don't think it objectively "delays the process". That really depends on how long you are away. If you're gone for 3 months, obviously that might mean something is being held back. I was...