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    Advice/Help Needed !!!

    You should do 1 year distance learning post graduate diploma course. This will increase your overall CRS score.
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    Students for January intake 2020 centennial college

    Congratulations. Could you please share your SOP? I too have 8 years gap and looking for help with SOP. My email is
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    Study Permit 2019 : A timeline for those who are going to apply

    Hi, thanks for sharing the details. Can you share your SOP that you submitted for visa? I too have approx 7 years work experience and I am really confused how to present my case for visa. My email is
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    Did you attend the info session? If yes, what exactly happened?
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    Rejected for student visa. What should i change to re apply

    Did you applied to any University/college and got acceptance letter? The reason is straight forward - You have not provided valid acceptance letter
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    Never Ever Give Up - Got student visa even after 24 backlogs, without Ielts, field change

    Hello Dear, please share your SOP @ Thank you!
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    NBPNP: New Brunswick Skilled Workers Express Entry Category: Network Here

    What is your NOC and CRS? Do you have any connections with New Brunswick?
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    NOI AINP below CRS 400 lets unite here!!

    Ok, I am currently sitting at 363. NOC 1241. CRS will boost to 375 next month post completion of 3 years work experience. No ties to Alberta. Do update me once you hear anything positive.
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    NOI AINP below CRS 400 lets unite here!!

    You didn't shared your status? What about you?PS - I didn't got it.
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    NOI Alberta

    What is your NOC? Do you have any ties with Alberta?
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    Admission in Canada with less than 50% in graduation?

    I too have the same query. Anyone here?
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    NOI Alberta

    What is your NOC and CRS?
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Could you share more details please? Is it through french as first language or english?
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    New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

    Curious to know ur profession and Noc
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    Noc 1241 & 1452 (struggling...)

    Hey Dear, any updates on your file? I am in the process of drafting a ref letter for NOC 1241. I would appreciate if you can share the duties you listed in your ref letter. This will give some confidence to me while making my own ref letter. Thanks in advance.
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    IQAS ECA Assessment

    Yes! You can send 1 big envelope which includes 2 individual small envelopes.
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    IQAS ECA Assessment

    Yes, this is how it should be.