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  1. shannonxtreme

    working with PGWP, should i answer "work permit required,and no LMIA required

    No problem! You would say yes, you have. My application was pretty similar to yours. Graduated, PGWP for a year, applied for PR, switched to a BOWP, just got approved last week. You got this!
  2. shannonxtreme

    working with PGWP, should i answer "work permit required,and no LMIA required

    Yup, because even though you have an LMIA, you didn't need one because you were on an open work permit. If you weren't on an open work permit you would need a closed work permit and you'd answer that question with option 3 (both) You also probably won't need to get a closed work permit...
  3. shannonxtreme

    working with PGWP, should i answer "work permit required,and no LMIA required

    Work permit required, no LMIA required. I believe you can use your LMIA to claim points for having a valid job offer, as well as to get a closed work permit down the line if you need it.
  4. shannonxtreme

    PPR process is taking longer than usual. Need suggestion

    You can apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit at any time from now until your work permit expires. I would recommend gathering your documents and applying for a BOWP in late March/early April. After applying, you'll be on implied status until your BOWP application is approved or your PR...
  5. shannonxtreme

    Does an EE profile get automatically updated when completing one year of full-time work?

    It does not. Create a new EE profile and submit it.
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    BOWP - what will HR need

    I don't think you need that much information. Worst case scenario, add the rest in a PDF and attach it to the application.
  7. shannonxtreme

    IRCC sent a physical (post) mail letter after PR approval

    That seems pretty strange. Was your original application paper?
  8. shannonxtreme

    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    The last point is probably the most important. There's so much fear and uncertainty around this whole process that a lot of people stick with the "safe" thing to do and let their lives stagnate. 100%!
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    >>>>>>>FEBRUARY 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    You're on the wrong forum just FYI. The Student forum is here:
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    Express Entry Payroll Issue

    Semi-annually is not the correct word there. Semi-annually means once every six months. The correct word is bi-weekly. Also, how often you get paid doesn't matter. They care about how many hours a week you work and your hourly wage. I'm not sure how to answer your other questions, sorry!
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    I think it depends on the Express entry stream. CEC doesn't require you to have a valid job offer or to even be employed so it won't affect your application.
  12. shannonxtreme

    If a person works alone at the kiosk (little store) as a "clerk" can that person be considered as a supervisor?

    Your job title and the NOC for which you qualify can be quite different. Read through a few NOCs and see which one your duties match the closest.
  13. shannonxtreme

    June 2019 AOR cases

    Finally got the request for passport email.
  14. shannonxtreme

    Buying a car - should I wait?

    G! Under 25 though so my insurance is going to be amazing, in Toronto. Lol.
  15. shannonxtreme

    Buying a car - should I wait?

    Thank you! I'm settled on a 2013 Civic. My PR application is taking its sweet time and I'm sick of putting my life on hold while I wait. Thanks again!
  16. shannonxtreme

    Buying a car - should I wait?

    It's more a deep deep desire to own one for road trips. I love driving and miss it very much. Your point about (knock on wood) not getting PR is interesting, thank you. I hadn't thought about the ease with which I could resell if I bought outright. Off topic a little, but are there any...
  17. shannonxtreme

    Buying a car - should I wait?

    I'm planning on buying a used car (cash, no financing). My PR application is currently in process and I'm on a work permit. Would I be wiser to wait for PR before I make this purchase?
  18. shannonxtreme

    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    GCMS notes do not speed up your application. You should order them to understand what stage your application is in. It also allows you to identify any issues with your application, such as missing, incomplete, or unclear documents. You can then proactively submit new versions to avoid the delays...
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    When you create an Express entry profile, the system takes your criteria and evaluates you against the requirements of the various Express Entry streams. Your invitation to apply will be for one of those streams. You cannot choose the stream - the system will set you up based on your...