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  1. Me_A

    Study permit from Nairobi, Kenya

    Your applying to which school?
  2. Me_A

    Study permit from Nairobi, Kenya

    Your also from Kenya?
  3. Me_A

    may intake 2023 lets get connect

    Fall 2023
  4. Me_A

    9 month wait time. Timeline question

    You can wait for the next 1 week but remember you also have to wait for passport stamping. so depends on your deadline to report to school. Otherwise you can deffered to the next available intake
  5. Me_A

    How to extend visa after defering from sep 2022 intake to may 2023 intake

    No updated the new LOA to ircc and you can travel 4 weeks to start date
  6. Me_A

    Spouse Open Work Permit

    we are 2 different people who asked the question
  7. Me_A

    Spouse Open Work Permit

    I also have my visa approved but am not yet in Canada can my spouse apply for SOWP now or I should wait till I land in canada
  8. Me_A

    September 2023.

    Yes you can give it a few more days maybe till after the holidays
  9. Me_A

    September 2023.

    Mine was a deferral for fall intake so yes
  10. Me_A

    September 2023.

    Okay submitted visa already?
  11. Me_A

    September 2023.

    Which university?
  12. Me_A

    Ethiopia study visa applicants for Jan 2020

    Then wait till next week and defer
  13. Me_A

    Ethiopia study visa applicants for Jan 2020

    Then you can wait and be ready for anything and you can defer the first week of January
  14. Me_A

    Fake experience certificate.

    Most of electrical engineers have experience in software engineering so I don't see why you need to fake something that is related to what you studied
  15. Me_A

    Ethiopia study visa applicants for Jan 2020

    Check the last day to defer
  16. Me_A

    Applying for SDS; should I cancel my Express Entry Profile

    Upfront medical is mandatory to sds
  17. Me_A

    Visa will be expire before enter to Canada. What should I do ?

    I think you can travel by July to be on the safe side, it's just 6 weeks to start of the semester
  18. Me_A

    Is e medical test renewal required after receiving study visa for canada

    Yes you cannot travel with expired medical
  19. Me_A

    University is forcing me to defer

    To deffered just email your school or your program director you should get instructions from there
  20. Me_A

    Change program

    You can change your program within the same DLI but you can't change your DLI unless you are actively studying