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  1. selvakk

    Holding both visitor and worker visa

    No, they will not reject if you have a visitor visa. If you are in Canada, they do not give you the sticker visa(TRV) on your passport, just the permit.
  2. selvakk

    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    So, you live in Canada right now and sent your passport from Canada to IRCC in Canada ?
  3. selvakk

    Is Client Information important under optional documents section along with the PGWP application?

    There is no need for client information, unless you have something else to add. Eg. If your work experience does not fit in the space given, then you can add it in the client information. If you attached both the transcripts, then you should be fine. Just FYI, you will only get 2 years if you...
  4. selvakk

    Freelance with Student Permit

    Canada doesn't care where you work as a student, only that you maintain the hours as stated on your study permit. The only issue is that as a business unless you bill clients based on the hours you work there is no way to prove that you worked for 20 hours or 25 or 30 hours, which is why it is a...
  5. selvakk

    Is it mandatory to provide 12 grade marksheet for Student Direct Stream (SDS) Canadian Visa?

    No, I did not mention or upload any 10th or 12th docs
  6. selvakk

    Self Employment - SkipTheDishes Uber Eats etc .

    Your status as an International Student has nothing to do with tax filing. I would suggest using software/websites to file your taxes to avoid missing any deductions, I used turbotax to file this year. If you need more help, I would suggest that you consult a tax professional.
  7. selvakk

    Expired Visa, Valid Study Permit

    You need to Apply for a new TRV(Temporary Residence Visa), and show your study permit. Just to clarify wording, Canada doesn't technically have a visit visa. If you were visiting, you would get a TRV for the purpose of visiting. Since you are a student you will have to get a TRV for the purpose...
  8. selvakk

    Need help with Scotia Banks GIC transfer from ICICI bank India

    International transfers take lot of time, it has only been 4 business days since the 15th of Feb. If they garuntee some time, then you can ask them why it hasn't reached yet, otherwise you will have to wait only. You can only ask if ICICI India sent it, which they claim they have and you can ask...
  9. selvakk


    So, the deal is that you don't pay any fees for anything for the first year. If you got a GIC with CIBC once you land in Canada you will get a GIC account with your 10,000 CAD, a savings account and a chequing account. Once the 1 year/12 months time is up, you will have to pay a fee ranging...
  10. selvakk


    my landlord takes interact transfer, unless you rent from a big corporation or association, where they might accept credit card most landlord will take cheque, cash or bank transfer(interact). There is a company called plastiq, which will charge your card and do a interact transfer to your...
  11. selvakk


    It depends on how much you use your card. I pay my bills in full and on time. I got upgraded from$500 credit limit to now I think $5000 and got upgraded to the next level of the card which gives 3% on grocery & gas , 2% on transportation, dining and recurring payments and for everything else 1%...
  12. selvakk


    To add to what @Satvik212 said, CIBC has an option for a cashback card, but you must ask for it when you open the account. Scotia students don't have a choice of cashback card, at least to my knowledge.
  13. selvakk


    I would suggest CIBC because my friend has scotia and they are charging lot of fees for bank transfers etc. You can always open a no fee bank account when you reach canada and cancel your account after the 1 year period.
  14. selvakk


    Every bank does that, whether you pay processing fee or not.
  15. selvakk

    Concordia&University of Montreal winter 2021 REMOTE news has potential PGWP affect

    How much of your program you can complete online How much of your program you can complete online depends on when you started studying and how long your study program is. You’re taking a short-term program that started between May and September 2020 You can complete 100% of your program...
  16. selvakk

    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    You can apply while PGWP is in progress. If you get an Invitation to apply for express entry while your PGWP application is still pending, you will have to do the following steps. https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1134&top=29 I am watching a race between IRCC and WES...
  17. selvakk

    !!!Need Urgent Help Regarding Refund From Lambton College

    You are quoting me, quoting a post from August of last year. So, the question of the school currently allowing deferrals does not arise as the matter is now in the past, the OP has already got the refund.
  18. selvakk

    !!!Need Urgent Help Regarding Refund From Lambton College

    If you paid through flywire you will get refund through flywire in the account that you transferred the money from. I got a refund for the college residence as we had to vacate early due to COVID-19. It took a month and a half, so about 4-6 weeks for the money to reflect in the account. You...
  19. selvakk

    Confusion in selection of SDS or Non SDS

    october of 2020 or 2021 ? You need some sort of language proficiency test to apply for your study permit, you are just going to have to wait.