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    Received automated IRCC email about returned application but no further information

    Received automated IRCC email that my childrens PR cards are abandoned. No information on the reason and when (if any ) notice was sent !! We have been waiting for these cards to move in. Any idea what to do now? Extremely frustrating at this point of time !! :(
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    PNP Nominee, Soft Landing to a different city

    hi, it wont raise any issues. If they ask more questions, just be prepared to give some valid reasons for the short stay We went for soft landing only. But once we finished the formalities, we booked a hotel and stayed there for 2 days, just to relax and enjoy the falls from Canada side. But...
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    PR Card photo Rejected - New immigrants

    how did you call IRCC? I am not able to reach them in 888-242-2100 ? Please help !
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    Post arrival (after softlanding by road from usa) test for unvaccinated kid (above 5) requirement

    Hi, I went thru this in Sept. I travelled with unvaccinated child, and was asked to take a test for her at the border. Even though we had a negative test. Since, they took the test at the border itself, we didnt have to drop it off at any location
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    PNP Nominee, Soft Landing to a different city

    Hi, We stayed in Niagara for 2 days and returned back thru the same PoE. We did not travel to the destination PNP.
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    PNP Nominee, Soft Landing to a different city

    Yes you can soft land in any city. I am SINP nominee, did soft landing in Niagara falls in Sept 2021. I know few other friends who landed in a different city as well. if asked, just mention that you do intend to reside in Ontario, when you move. Its not an issue
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    Buying House in Canada while Staying in USA

    Actually, I was planning to rent it out until I move. Where can I look for new / upcoming / readily available houses for purchase? Do we have separate website for each of the provinces
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    Buying House in Canada while Staying in USA

    Where you able to make any lead on this? I am also in the similar situation looking to buy, but not sure where to start. Thanks
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    Soft Landing Process Clarifications

    Got it Thank you We are planning to do soft landing in the first week of Sept, if the border does not apply for PR, how can I update the address? Wedform?
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    Soft Landing Process Clarifications

    Congratulations, If they did not accept the Canadian address, then how did you give an address to mail your PR card?
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    Anyone from 2021 AOR got COPR yet?

    Yes, many people did. I am one among them
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    PR Soft landing from US - After EO

    @sowsiv , thanks for the reply. Did you have quarantine plan and pre-booked a stay? Did the border protection officer asked any particular question about this?
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    PR Soft landing from US - After EO

    hello @newyork2regina, Did you get a chance to post your experience yet? Quick question to experts, has anyone done a soft landing with a young child, who is not vaccinated yet ( less than 12 yrs old)? What process did you follow? What questions were asked? Did you quarantine, as a...
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    Soft Landing Process Clarifications

    I understand. But I am planning to do the soft landing before schools open in US and winter kicks in. My CoPR is expiring in 03/2022, not too long. Did anyone in here did soft landing with a not-so-soon expiring CoPR? Also, I heard Canada is planning to reopen the borders for fully...
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    Soft Landing Process Clarifications

    I would like to hear your experience too. I am also planning to take the same route. When are you planning btw?
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Added to my signature:
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    PPR delays due to covid-19

    Hello All, FSW-O PNP applicant. US resident, Indian citizen Mar-2020 AOR We received our CoPR on July 12. Keep your hopes high, we will get there Cheers :)