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  1. Alurra71

    Approved PR Soft landing: Boarding denied by airlines (in USA) as travel was not cleared by the Canadian officials

    Everything I have read recently, due to Covid-19 indicates that if persons with a valid COPR notified CIC of an inability to travel/land due to restrictions that their COPR is effectively 'put on hold' until travel bans are lifted. At that point in time, CIC reactivates, or issue a new COPR...
  2. Alurra71

    Application withdrawal and Reapplying

    ...in theory you can continue with your current application, get married, then send your VO a copy of the marriage certificate with a letter explaining the details on how you were able to now get married. They will very likely just continue to process the application you have and not require you...
  3. Alurra71

    Wording of relationship interview {Inland}

    THIS letter, as linked in the above post, is EXACTLY what a relationship interview request or any kind of interview request will in fact look like. Asking about RPRF means NOTHING. That is usually a paragraph included in most all CIC letters when it comes to sponsorhip. You will notice the very...
  4. Alurra71

    Why CIC asks you to fill info about your family members?

    What do you mean, the source? CIC would be the source. Experience in immigration would verify the information. Only your spouse and your children (over 18) have background checks run on them when you apply for PR or you apply to sponsor your spouse.
  5. Alurra71

    Why CIC asks you to fill info about your family members?

    Please be clear that background checks are ONLY done on your spouse and/or children over the age of 18. Background checks are NOT performed on siblings or parents but you must list them in your application on the required form.
  6. Alurra71

    How long can I stay in the Uk before moving to Canada

    Your COPR will have an 'expiry' date stamped on it. If you don't enter before it expires you'll need to start the process over again. It is usually tied to your medical expiration.
  7. Alurra71

    Transfer US Social Security checks to Canada?

    I just hopped into this thread again after a few years. I would like to point out that all of you folks having issues with getting SS to direct deposit into your Canadian account; the routing/transit and account information are NOT compatible. Take a look at your banking information (if you...
  8. Alurra71

    Spousal sponsorship Refusal

    The question here is whether or not your marriage is valid in Canada? If you did a proxy marriage or any other type of marriage that is no recognized in Canada, then you are not legally married as far as Canada is concerned. You said you postponed your marriage ceremony? Based on the...
  9. Alurra71

    Sponsoring Family Member with Previous PR

    If she needs a visa to enter Canada then she is pretty well stuck, unless she can get a visa to the US and then cross via land border. Again, if she gets reported, then she will lose her PR. If she doesn't get reported she will have to lay low until she is again in compliance with RO. That would...
  10. Alurra71

    Landing paper for citizenship Oath

    They only look at and stamp your landing paper, or at least that is what they did with mine. Mine has a big stamp in the middle of it that says "No longer a permanent resident". ;)
  11. Alurra71

    Child sponsorship

    It is assumed that your child was included in your own PR application as a non accompanying dependent or was not yet born so you should be fine to sponsor him/her to come live with you now. Financial aid for school is not welfare.
  12. Alurra71

    Sponsoring Family Member with Previous PR

    She is still technically a PR. If she can get into Canada without being reported, she can 'lay low' until she is back in status, which will take 3 years. If she is reported at the border for not meeting RO, she would then need to renounce her current PR status and your Dad may then sponsor her...
  13. Alurra71

    Sponsorship for Sister and her Family for Canada

    Please read the bolded, underlined statement again ;) The brother or sister statement uses the "if he/she is an orphan" meaning, you can have a family of your own here in Canada but you can still sponsor a sibling IF they met this criteria. Because his brother does NOT meet the orphan under...
  14. Alurra71

    imm5669 done till 2005?

    If your wife was 18 in 2005, what is the question? Fill out the form and get it sent back in ASAP so you don't delay your application further.
  15. Alurra71

    Clarification on citizenship form 9(a)(b)(c) for person on work-permit for 8yrs + 2yrs as PR

    1. You fill in the dates going back exactly 5 years from the date you will sign the application. If you are filling it in/signing it today, your eligibilty is from 10/8/13 to 10/8/18. Are you sure you meet the qualifications in this instance since you can only claim up to a maximum of 1 year...
  16. Alurra71

    Changing last name on American passport in Canada

    She can't just 'amend' her passport. She will need to send in a passport renewal application along with the marriage certificate by regular mail. It will take roughly 3-4 weeks for them to process it, but it's straight forward and they will mail her new passport to her Canadian address. Just...
  17. Alurra71

    MP congratulatory letter/Election Canada letter

    I've gotten two in the last month. My oath was in march. One of them actually arrived signature required, which threw me off. Not sure why I received two and I'm actually hoping no more arrive. Where will I put them all? Two different MP's. Must be something to do with my particular address...
  18. Alurra71

    How to talk to a person when calling IRCC to make PR landing appointment?

    You do not need a passport to 'flagpole' to land at the Canada/US border. You need to declare to the USCBP that you are 'flagpoling' for landing purposes and they will give you and 'administrative refusal' which allows you to turn around back to Canada to complete landing formalities...
  19. Alurra71

    Do I need a Canadian passport to travel to USA by land?

    Pretty sure he/she would need an ESTA though in said Italian passport. EDIT to Note: I am really not sure whether the above mentioned ESTA is applicable to land travel. I would clarify your needs with US CBP to ensure a smooth trip if I were you.
  20. Alurra71

    What can I do?

    Yes, if you get married now they will consider it with THIS application. You will however have to wait however long it takes to receive your marriage certificate to send it in to them.