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    AOR 2016-2017 EE PNP Inland >>>> All Welcome

    Hi Everyone, Can someone plz help me to get the current status of PNP Inland. My AOR date is 17th Aug. Med passed on 17th Sept. But still displaying IP1 status. Any suggestion much appreciated.
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    Re-applying Visitor Visa

    Hi My mother's visitor visa got refused. Now I am reapplying the same. While filling TRV and Schedule 1 form it is asking for UCI number. I can see the UCI number on Refusal letter received from CIC but it is 10 digit (I think it should be 8 digit coz I have 8 digit number UCI) TRV is allowing...
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    Re-applying Refused Visitor Visa

    Hi Please help me to delete this thread. Mistakenly created under wrong category. Thanks!!
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2017: Join here

    Please add my number +1 647 861 9220