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  1. navid2014

    US citizens, dual citizenship and OCI card

    Have you updated OCI of your minors with dual Citizenship? Was it just filling Misc form online on OCI website or you had to send in filled application form to BLS?
  2. navid2014

    Canadian passport with given name "XXX", will OCI have "XXX" too ?

    Yes I went with the same process which you described above. Went with Surrender Cert with Old name and in parallel applied for name change cert with the province. Then updated Provincial IDs & Canadian Passport & applied for OCI with name change cert.
  3. navid2014

    OCI process

    Hi All, Anyone recently renewed their Kids OCI? If we need to just fill Miscellaneous application online or do we also need to print it and send it to BLS Brampton?
  4. navid2014

    OCI process

    Hello Everyone, Posting for a friend of mine, he is waiting for his OCI which was submitted to BLS Brampton on Oct 18, looking at the timelines of others here, he should expect something next week but unfortunately so far there is no update posted on OCI website and it says No records found...
  5. navid2014

    OCI process

    Anyone on this forum whose OCI application was rejected by BLS Brampton due to photos, where the photos were actually taken at a BLS office?
  6. navid2014

    Canadian passport with given name "XXX", will OCI have "XXX" too ?

    Name change with the province or Name change when updating a Passport with new name?
  7. navid2014

    Leaving Canada for more than two weeks in a row after submitting citizenship application

    If I were you I wont, as its just '2' weeks, if planning on staying beyond '6' months then I would consider it as its when you will get a FP request.
  8. navid2014

    Leaving Canada after applying for Canadian citizenship

    No you don't need to.
  9. navid2014

    OCI process

    It should be by Descent for Canadian Citizenship.
  10. navid2014

    Question for new Canadian Passport after oath from PR

    You will just say No & move to the another section as PR card is not considered as a Canadian Travel document (Passport).
  11. navid2014

    Winnipeg IRCC

    Its fairly good as I know someone who applied in May 2021 they had their Oath Ceremony in June 2022.
  12. navid2014

    Good news and bad news

    During your Oath Ceremony, have you provided the agent your new address and has he confirmed your new address during the call, if yes, then it will be sent to your new address.
  13. navid2014

    Citizenship Test Issue

    Just FYI, Audio will not be recorded during the test, it will only be a few snapshots from your camera feed. Refer below for more information. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-citizenship/become-canadian-citizen/citizenship-test/before.html How the...
  14. navid2014

    Child Passport

    If you are not getting any response from Service Canada Customer Service then try submit an enquiry here. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-passports/check-passport-travel-document-application.html If you are travelling anytime soon then you may also...
  15. navid2014

    Please help - Oath on July 8

    So your friend used your email address for his/her Citizenship notifications? You may have your friend contact them using webform. https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx
  16. navid2014

    OCI process

    You may refer below article for more information. https://www.blsindia-canada.com/appointmentbls/appointment.php - BLS Appointment URL https://www.hciottawa.gov.in/pdf/Step-wise-process-for-OCI-application-new.pdf https://www.blsindia-canada.com/toronto-jurisdiction/oci-how-to-apply.php If...
  17. navid2014

    Blank Pages for Citizenship Application

    There are many on this forum who received same request, go ahead and share the information with them. If you have not hide anything then you should not be worried.
  18. navid2014

    Canadian passport application - In person at Service Canada Delays

    There is nothing wrong in trying the local Passport office, take your Itinerary with you when visiting in-person.
  19. navid2014

    OCI Application for US Citizen Child-Need Birth Certificate Endorsement?

    Is the below procedure applicable when renewing the OCI for a US Born Child who is now a Canadian Citizen? Birth Certificate is required to be attested by the High Commission / Embassy / Consulate of that Country in Canada.
  20. navid2014

    Canadian passport with given name "XXX", will OCI have "XXX" too ?

    Click on the link below to get to the Affidavit format which you can share with the lawyer. Affidavit Format for Name Change