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    New born dependent addition - medical and biometrics

    Thanks for your reply. Can you please clarify if your child was born outside Canada? Also when did you raise the request to add a new dependent? Response will be appreciated.
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    Dependent TRV for New born(Outside Canada) - India NDVO

    Thanks for revert. I don't understand - you applied for TRV of your baby in Feb 2021 right? How come PPR was given?
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    Dependent TRV for New born(Outside Canada) - India NDVO

    Hello, Can you please let us know know what eventually happened ?
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    Applying for TRP of a new born (TRV Denied)

    Hello. Wanted to know what eventually happened in your case as I am in a similar situation ? Did u manage to get TRV/TRP for newborn while residing outside Canada ?
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    New born dependent addition - medical and biometrics

    Hello. Hope you are doing well. want to know that how much time it took for IRCC to your child to profile ?
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    How likely is rejection at landing - Criminal Background

    Hello, Can you pls update whats happened with your case?
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    Arrested but NOT convicted. Need help and guidance

    Hello. Can u please let us know what happened with you application ?
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    Dismissed misdemeanor charge - please help

    Hi. Any update ? Did you get PR ?
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    Criminal record

    Hi Can you pls let us know what happened?
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

    I'm Outland FSW.. submitted on 8th Aug...status is "Submitted"
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

    Which Program ? Inland or Outland ?
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    Huge problem with OINP e filling portal (education part)

    Im facing Same problem. Did it work out fine with you by mentioning only masters?
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    How does a car loan and mortgage affect proof of funds?

    Hello, Now im in same position.. What happened with your case? Do they consider Auto loan as a Liability or is there a way to explain how you will settle the loan by selling car?
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

    Hi Guys, i got Ontario NOI yesterday in FSW. I am concerned regarding my eligibility based on Work History Criteria. I have worked in my Primary NOC 2147 from July 2012 - June 2016 Am I eligible to apply as OINP only considers past 5 year work experience with 1 year continous employment?
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    Ray of Hope - 155th Draw

    I also crunched numbers and got similar results. But a BIG randomness is number of candidates entering pool with 471+ & if IRCC only has only a FST Only Draw or not in place of an all program draw. If 470+ candidates enter pool @ 2k-2.5K per 15 days and we continue to have to have FSW draws...
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    Ray of Hope - 142nd Draw - PNP

    A piece of advice for FSW candidates. Please dont waste your time with IRCC now. Put your heart & mind into your current life. The way things are currently, you may even end up loosing what you have. Its fine to be optimistic but its writing on the wall here; IRCC has shut down FSW for good till...
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    ECA from University of Toronto (CES)

    Hello Guys. I hope everyone is in good spirits and health. Has anyone whose docs were received by UOT CES around 15th Jan 2020 received any update on their ECA status ? I called the helpline and they said for candidates whose docs CES has already received before 18th March 2020, they will...
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    NOI Alberta

    Hello Everyone. Im outlander. crs score 464 Noc 0131 Profile Submission 30th Jan 2020 Any chance of AINP NOI with my NOC?
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    January 2020 AINP NOI

    Anyone received invitation with noc 0131? Has anyones colleague recvd ainp noi recently?