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    Help - Spouse name

    No worries, it's not natural around the globe. And I agree with you, I find it silly... With exceptions, options, older generations, etc. the majority of women in the following countries keep their maiden name: In most Arabic-speaking countries, except for South Asian Muslim women Belgium...
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    Stop in-laws immigration

    What is silly is that this topic came back on after almost a year! How did this happen? And she didn't even get online since then... April Fools? hehe
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    Stop in-laws immigration

    "You gave him just 5 years and his parents gave him all their time to bring him up to this stage." and this is where the wrong way of thinking begins...no, not all parents-in-law are nice and every family is different, so no one is in a position to judge unless they live in that house. e.g. my...
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    need urgent help pls

    Most big cities offer more than one doctor for medicals. None is available? I would try to explain the urgency, and if that doesn't work then I would go the doctor's office from opening and stay there all day till they find a time to squeeze me in.
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    Traveled A lot!

    Depends on how long you stayed in these countries...If it was more than 6 months then you have to submit 8 police certificates and this will delay your background checks. But if you were on vacation, eg a couple of weeks, then it's not a problem or delay.
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    What are the survival jobs in Canada that can be found at first?

    Also depends in hours/week. In these kind of jobs it's easy to ask for 8 full hours for 5 days, making it 40 hours/week. Even with the lowest salary of $11 you are around $1750, so yes it's possible. You always have some choices even with survival jobs. Try to get something above $11-12 and...
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    Edmonton, Alberta settlers Join here

    Hey weatherman instead of trolling this thread (and many others, when I looked at your posts) try to give some actual info Weather in Edmonton- http://www.weather.com/weather/5-day/Edmonton+CAXX0126:1:CA Now anyone interested can see the temperatures, unless you try to impress when saying -30...
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    American trying to relocate to Canada

    Try to find an employer who would issue you a LMO. Just beware of the scammers.
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    What are the survival jobs in Canada that can be found at first?

    I agree with you beachman, Alberta has right now the best economy compared to other provinces. And yea, most do have pick ups and I laugh about it, but they don't care. I didn't live in other provinces to do the comparison, so I can only talk about albertians. They are very polite, very...
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    What are the survival jobs in Canada that can be found at first?

    No need to be pessimistic my friends... The example you gave above is the worst case scenario. I pay less rent than that for 1-bd apartment almost downtown in good condition. But for the shake of the conversation lets just say than your monthly expenses (as a single person) are $1,900/month...
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    What are the survival jobs in Canada that can be found at first?

    The topic here is about survival jobs, not "how to live in a 2,000sq.f. condo in downtown Vancouver". Set correct priorities, handle your budget carefully and the time will come for that condo. No one owes you anything, you have to work your way up and you need a starting point.
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    moving furniture to canada

    Just don't do it. Imagine you rent an apartment and the furniture arrive after 2-3 weeks? Or even worse, the furniture arrive and you still didn't find a place to rent? Pay to move them to storage, pay the storage and then pay again to move them to the new place. Electronics don't worth it...
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    Looking an opporrunity in Canada

    Hi Millard, first check your options here http://www.cic.gc.ca/ENGLISH/INDEX.ASP The fastest way to come would be with a work visa, so go to big job search websites like indeed.ca, workopolis.com etc and look for employers who would give LMO. To get a work visa would require lots of time...
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    New PR. No Canadian exp. What to do?

    Doesn't cost you anything to try. Yes, Alberta has the lowest unemployment and it's a safer bet, but I met quite few people who got a job like this and had an interview through skype etc. Just give it a shot
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    New PR. No Canadian exp. What to do?

    Before moving anywhere, start applying for jobs first. Moving is expensive, so at least go where you get a job offer first.
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    need help

    Create a canadian resume and start applying online to any company which offers LMOs. Good luck
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    Which City should i Migrate for Seeking Good Job?

    I would suggest Alberta. Doesn't matter which city. Alberta has high salaries, low unemployment, lower living expenses and lower taxes than other provinces. The downside is the long, cold winters, but you can't have it all I guess.
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    anyboby found job through internet?

    Hi Katerina, I've met people here from Greece, who found a job online by sending their resume all over Canada. They might sent 100 resumes, but once they got 1 positive reply they moved here asap. Please keep in mind that a cv and a resume are totally different, and you have to try and create a...