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  1. Underhill

    what happens after AIP

    *Usually* this means things will go pretty quickly now. I'm in BC and once I got my AIP things went quickly. Your mileage may vary depending on the province you're in.
  2. Underhill

    IRCC talking to an agent

    Sorry, no.
  3. Underhill

    AOR - what does it look like?

    Admittedly I'm not sure on this - you may be correct. When I applied back in 2020 you could submit both the PR and OWP (paper) applications at the same time. I've read a few times here recently that now, AIP was needed before an OWP could be submitted, however, it may not be the case. So sorry...
  4. Underhill

    AOR - what does it look like?

    AOR's are hit and miss with IRCC, but yes, that email is a defacto AOR. Pretty sure you can't apply for an OWP until the PR application is approved in principle (AIP). Like my application back in early 2020, my PR was approved before my OWP application was even processed, so I got a refund for...
  5. Underhill

    Apply for OWP without PR AOR

    No. AOR's don't give you any status whatsoever. Yes, you need to extend your visitors visa until the PR application is approved or denied.
  6. Underhill

    Settler’s effects list?

    Start here: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/mrc-drc-eng.html Keep in mind you have to 'export' your US car from the US first: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/export-docs/motor-vehicle
  7. Underhill

    Inland Spousal eCoPR "Original entry date" Meaning? What date did you use?

    For my application I used the date of the very first time I came to Canada as a visitor (years before I moved to Canada to start my Inland PR sponsorship application process). IRCC didn't ask for any more info on it, so I assume it means "the very first time you entered Canada".
  8. Underhill

    Things to declare upon arrival in Canada for customs

    Here you go: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/mrc-drc-eng.html
  9. Underhill

    iMessage - proof of contact

    Printing text messages from any phone is never ideal. However, it's quite simple to do what you're after if you used iMessage on a Mac.
  10. Underhill

    iMessage - proof of contact

    Thats what the timestamps are for.
  11. Underhill

    iMessage - proof of contact

    On the iPhone the date shows at the beginning of each days messages. If you've got a bunch of messages sent today for example, you'll have to scroll up to the first message of the day to show the date. It might say "Sent Today", or "Sent Yesterday", so you'll have to scroll back in time a few...
  12. Underhill

    iMessage - proof of contact

    iMessage shows dates and times. To show times on your phone touch and drag the screen from right to left and the timestamps with show. On a Mac computer right click on the main message screen and select 'show times', then select File > Print.
  13. Underhill

    Spousal PR. No AOR yet. When to exchange driver’s licence?

    Actually, when I exchanged my DL they didn't ask me how long I'd been in the province - or any questions, for that matter. ICBC simply didn't care. The police and courts, on the other hand, seem to be the enforcers of these type of rules. If the OP's wife exchanges her DL within 30 days of her...
  14. Underhill

    Spousal PR. No AOR yet. When to exchange driver’s licence?

    Your situation brings to light a disconnect between government agencies in Canada. Assuming rules in ON are similar to BC, you technically have to exchange your DL after 30 days of moving into the province. My Inland PR application took more than a year, and IRCC suggested I not exchange my DL...
  15. Underhill

    Please help me .scared to apply for inland

    Managed to read the OP before they edited it. Basically, it's someone on a student visa that quit school (or was kicked out due to failing grades), and has been in Canada without status since 2017. Apparently OP got married a month ago in Canada to someone with status of some sort and wanting...
  16. Underhill

    Inland spousal sponsorship - what to say at the border when entering Canada?

    Shouldn't make any difference. As long as she's eligible to enter Canada as a visitor it's certainly normal for your spouse to come and see you.
  17. Underhill

    Inland spousal sponsorship - what to say at the border when entering Canada?

    While she doesn't need to greet the border agent with your entire future plans for life together, she absolutely shouldn't lie, or even misdirect in any way. She should answer every question truthfully and succinctly. That said, technically she's a visitor until you both file for PR. So she is...
  18. Underhill

    IMM5604E - Can't find daughter's father

    Assuming your divorce decree (showing you have sole custody of your daughter) is from the US, you'll be fine. If you're filing by paper just include a note attached to the related page on the IMM5604E form explaining that you have sole custody, and the whereabouts of the father is unknown. Or...
  19. Underhill

    Received eCOPR, but photo still In Review?

    It should be nothing to worry about. The same thing happened to me, and even after I got my PR card in the mail the portal continued to show the photo as 'under review'. The very photo that was included on my PR card.
  20. Underhill

    Eligibility Completed

    There's no way to know for sure, but it likely isn't bad news. IRCC agents are EXTREMELY overworked, and they're all drowning working on applications. If they've decided that you're not eligible they'd likely let you know sooner rather than later. You might want to reach out to IRCC either by...