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    The Minister is fighting my win at the RAD in court. His arguments are ridiculous.

    And yet if the IRB had ruled unfavourably for you, you wouldn't hesitate to appeal would you? You wouldn't have accepted loosing fair and square, would you? They system has processes and procedures for all parties involved, not just the claimant.
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    Common law sponsorship- tax related query

    Did you live with her outside of Canada prior to 2020? CRAs definition of common law and IRCC are not the same.
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    Looking for guidance for success with IAD appeal

    Seconded....probably cheaper and faster too.
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    Can a new employer apply for LMIA?

    You would be correct....12 months minimum. Employers are not eligible to make a job offer to a foreign worker under these immigration programs, if they are: an embassy, a high commission or consulate in Canada on the list of ineligible employers maintained by IRCC new and have not been in...
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    Does the time spent in USA working for United Nations count toward permanent resident status?

    Keep in mind that's the result of an appeal and the use of working for the UN as grounds for H&C relief from the obligation. Whether you are reported on entry is a completely different matter. The odds of being reported are uncalculable as there are too many variables involved. My personal...
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    Does the time spent in USA working for United Nations count toward permanent resident status?

    A definite answer can be found in the ruling https://www.canlii.org/en/ca/irb/doc/2021/2021canlii81240/2021canlii81240.html?searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAYVU4sIHJlc2lkZW5jeSBvYmxpZ2F0aW9uAAAAAAE&resultIndex=4
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    denied visitor visa

    "Having fun" wasn't avoidable in any circumstance? Interesting take. You flaunted the laws, you pay the price. As for "law for their own convenience", that's for Canadians to deal with, not foreign nationals.
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    denied visitor visa

    It's this way because of your choices (and your mothers). You've flagrantly disregarded the requirements of your TRV, so there isn't anyone to blame but yourself. Life's full of hard choices. You made yours....these are the consequences.
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    Scammer marriage

    Having been divorced, worst case scenario, she would only be entitled to half of what was acquired during the marriage. If you owned the home prior to marriage, that doesn't entitle her to half. A good family lawyer should be able to identify where your risks lie. Being proactive is a good...
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    Returning to Canada with husband as new PR

    It's not taxable for Canadians either as long as you were residing outside of Canada for more than a year.
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    12 year old post.....just sayin.
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    Returning to Canada with husband as new PR

    Fill out the BSF186 (or whatever the new form number is) in advance and have it ready. Otherwise you'll be there for hours filling it out.
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    Returning to Canada with husband as new PR

    You most certainly can declare goods to follow. Anything you have coming in a shipment that isn't in your personal possession at entry is "goods to follow". Try getting your dinning room set on a plane!
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    PRTD H&C

    You aren't eligible for a student visa, so that isn't an option unless you decide to renounce your PR.
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    Employer Under LMIA Asking For Money Until PR Application is Granted

    Report them there are options for people with work permits being exploited by employers. You aren't a slave and have rights like everyone else in Canada.
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    Visitor Record - Needed for shorter than 6 months visit?

    Looks like your mother frequent and extended stays in Canada have caught the attention of CBSA. As a visitor, there are expectation you spend more time in your home country than in Canada. With 10 months last year, it seems to CBSA that she is attempting to live in Canada. After her next...
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    Need support on petition to eliminate PGP lottery system

    My $0.02.....unless you challenge the status quo, nothing will change. Good luck with your petition (and as a point of reference, I'm with armoured that the whole PGP program should be scrapped. Does nothing but cost taxpayers money).
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    Car insurance for newcomers

    A lease won't improve your insurance costs. In fact, it will limit your options for coverage as the lease will have minimum insurance requirements (comprehensive coverage). As a newcomer, insurance companies are going to start you at the highest rate as you have no Canadian driving history. When...