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    Visitor Visa Refused

    5000 is way too low for a month long visit. Is that all your savings because you need to show that you can afford a trip but not use all savings. Did this include airfare? Did you include ties to home country - job letter with approved leave, family ties (spouse/children), investments...
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    SDS 2022 Processing Time

    Stop sending webforms. It doesn’t do anything and just bogs down your file. If you got a generic response then wait. There is nothing to do but wait. Again, your file can be processed anywhere.
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    SDS 2022 Processing Time

    Edmonton office processes student visas. IRCC moves applications around to even out work loads. You can raise a webform and ask about status. Assume you are in Brazil now.
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    Additional medical information required

    You must have had TB or have TB. You must clear all medicals before you will be allowed into Canada and get an approved work permit. Nothing you can do but take the x ray in April and hope your test is clear.
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    Medical Test for Non SDS category

    Use the chart to check. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/medical-exams/requirements-temporary-residents/country-requirements.html The family can apply with the minimum funds but approval is not guaranteed. If children are student...
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    Sponsored husband not ready to work OR pay child support

    You are in such a difficult situation. If you want your husband to work, you must convince him to do. There is no obligation for him to work if he doesn’t want to. Tell him it will get him out of the house and meeting new people and having some money to go for dinner or do something fun. Or tell...
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    Program finishes and study permit expired at the same time.

    You must apply for restoration for your study permit first and pay those fees. Then apply for a PGWP and pay those fees. Unfortunately because you let your study permit expire and have to restore it, you cannot work until PGWP is approved. So if working, stop now as you have have been working...
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    PGWP refused by mistake

    What program did you study in Canada and when?
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    Clarification on : Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

    You can but they assessed them as secondary so not sure WES will change their decision.
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    My CRS score is 459, Can I apply for PNP?

    If eligible you can apply for PNPs. Assume you have a job offer for BC.
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    Initial refugee process and asylum details required

    Your friend could cross at the border because he has an aunt in Canada, so eligible under the agreement. The Aunt would have put a bond to ensure that your friend came to the hearing. https://irb.gc.ca/en/information-sheets/Pages/ib-ic.aspx Do you have an eligible family member (in one of the...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Post your question under Family Class Sponsorship. You are posting under Visitors.
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    PGWP Permit Application

    As long as your TRV is valid then you are fine.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    They need to fill out the form, sign the form and provide a full-time job offer, not you. They may be asked through the process for even more information. You have to ask the company to do it. Have you talked to HR? If you have been there a long time then tell them that you have been a dedicated...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Ask under Family Sponsorship.
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    Scam victim

    You applied for a work permit with LMIA? If so, talk to your employer.
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    PGWP Permit Application

    So you have a TRV. You want to return within 90 days because your study permit is cancelled after graduation.
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    Initial refugee process and asylum details required

    Think you have been given really bad information. You cannot apply through a church. Do you mean crossing illegally across the border on foot with all your belongings, and asking a church to give you refuge? You would need to find a church willing to help you with an illegal crossIng. Legal aid...
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    PGWP Permit Application

    So what about a visitor visa?