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    Discrimination possible in Warsaw Processing Office?

    I'm in the same boat with most of you. My wife (Russian citizen) and two dependent children (dual Russian and Canadian citizens) are in Russia waiting for the PR for my wife, while I'm in Canada. We stuck on a background check, IRCC asked for an additional document, we provided it and then more...
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    Recent IRCC Webform response timelines

    Did you receive an automatic response? I've submitted my ticket via webform 3 weeks ago and still no even automatic response...
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    April 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Outland - Paper/Online

    Individually. For someone 3 months. But I know a family who are waiting for almost 19 months after the first medical
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    March 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Applicants

    Hi there. I want to share our timeline. Online family class sponsorship application. Sponsor is in Canada, applicant is in Russia. Processing office - Warsaw. March 1 - Application submitted May 14 - Sponsor's AOR May 16 - Sponsor's eligibility confirmed May 16 - Med request May 19 - Med passed...
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    Medical examination for dependents

    In the paper form: It's not also absolutely clear. Is this tip says about spouse, your dependents and spouse's dependents, who aren't Canadians, or this phrase applies only to spouse's dependent?.. I can read this tip as: Anyway, thank you for clarifying that usually citizens don't need to...
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    Medical examination for dependents

    We were applying online. And when you fill IMM0008 form there is such tip: So we did absolutely as it said in the form. Could it be that in our case IRCC decided that children must pass medical exam? For ex., because they never were in Canada... P.S. I wrote a request via webform to IRCC, but...
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    Medical examination for dependents

    Hi there! I'm in the same situation: I'm sponsoring my spouse and we have 2 children that are already Canadian citizen. Children were mentioned in the sponsorship application as dependents cause it's written that needed to add ALL of the dependents. Also was mentioned that they are already...
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    IMM 0008 - Dependants form

    Anyone applied using this online pilot project? Did you fill dependant children who are already PR or citizen, or not? And what's with consideration of your application?