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    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hi All, Finally, I have got Oath invitation and completed my citizenship ceremony as well on Dec 19, 2022. Thank you all for the support and keeping these threads alive.
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    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    The status says additional information requested without any specifics.
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    Citizenship Interview

    hi, I also have similar issue, how was your issue resolved?
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Same here. I am also awaiting the PR card. wondering what if I have to travel to US and come back as my PR card already expired
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Thanks guys. I haven't received any updates yet on my application (received by CIC office on Mar 10th, 2020). Please keep updating the posts with any updates.
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    I am also in similar situation. Received by Processing center by Mar 10 (as per tracking) but haven't seen any update yet. Thanks Sriram
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Hi, Any luck with your PR renewal application. My application was delivered to them on March 10th, 2020 (as per Tracking) , i still didn't get any email stating the process is started nor can find any thing on the application status tracking :(. Thanks Sriram
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    Ontario Driver's License Exchange with a NJ Driver's License

    Hi Guys, This info has been helpful so far. I had a michigan license for about 7 years which i have submitted to NJDMV to get a NJ license 6 months before. I plan on to move to canada with in few months. So does my abstract or license application history show my Michigan records too or should...
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    Canada Move Discussion (2014 FSW - People in USA on H1B)

    Hi All, Any updates on how you guys are doing? I am planning to move to Canada too and found this thread to be very helpful. Any of you who has moved to canada and can share the sample Goods to follow list and process. Thanks Sri