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    Problem in getting SIN ........

    Hi Saran, Did you visit CBSA in Toronto to get your landing corrected? Which CBSA office did you go and was it helpful for you? Regards, Ankit
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    emails from VFS canada

    I also got these emails after submitting my Biometrics at Bangalore. Does this mean that our PR application is transferred to New Delhi Visa Office and is now processed at NDVO?
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    PR applications from NDVO/INDIA.....lets connect here...

    Could you add my number 9860973999 in the group
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    I submitted my Biometric at Bangalore location on 3-Apr and got the email that it has been sent to New Delhi office for processing on 4-Apr. I checked my profile on 4-Apr and the Biometrics was marked as 'Complete'.
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    AOR Feb 13...Received MEP + BIL approx 1.5 hours back
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    AOR - Feb 13 No updates on MEP and BIL
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    Is there anyone whose AoR is 8 Feb or 9 Feb and still waiting for MEP/BIL ?
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    >>>>>>February 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

    Can you add me in the Whatsapp group (91) 9860973999 AOR: Feb 13
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    Work Experience Onshore/Offshore query

    Hi @DEEPCUR , I am in kind of a similar situation. I was working on a work permit in Germany but for the Indian employer. I was paid salary in INR and some allowance in EUR for being at onshore. During filling of work history in EE profile, what should I keep the city of work? Should I put the...
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    WES ECA status on Hold

    I did not any mails from WES about second verification but my WES account mentions that they have asked my university for second verification. I need to check with my university and my wife's university if they received the mails or not. @Nishika22 Could you also kindly loop me in where the...
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    Reference Letter from Accenture

    Hi, I am also employeed with Accenture and had 2 different designations. Did Accenture agreed to write the different designations on the reference letter or only the current designation? Please advice.
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    no last name in passport - What to fill in EE?

    Hi Hitesh, The family section of the Express Entry Profile has both the Given name and Surname fields as mandatory. In this case, I am not able to keep my Given name field as blank. What should I enter for Given Name field in this scenario? Please help.
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    no last name in passport - What to fill in EE?

    Hi Vincyluthra, Did you find your answer? I also have the same scenario and want to know what should I fill for the first and last name? Please advise.
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    Express Entry - First Name / Last Name. Help!

    @sadiyarehman Did you get a reply from CIC about the clarifications regarding names in the family history page? I only have a Given name in my passport and does not have a Surname. Since both the first name and last name are mandatory in the Family history section, I want to know what should I...