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    Flagpole on weekend?

    thanks for the reply.. its been more than 1 year i did my flagpole lol :)
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    Inland CEC 3rd Ghost Update - PPR Soon?

    it is really up to them buddy. every file is different and so is the officer. i think they will wait till all the offices are open
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    Inland CEC 3rd Ghost Update - PPR Soon?

    not sure when it opens but since your document status is change to not applicable means whatever was sent was reviewed and accepted by the officer
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    Inland CEC 3rd Ghost Update - PPR Soon?

    that's good to know.. seems like your PPR is on the way :)
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    Inland CEC 3rd Ghost Update - PPR Soon?

    hang in there.. the timelines are unusual right now..
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    Inland CEC 3rd Ghost Update - PPR Soon?

    that means your previous medical is expired. Now it is up to the officer assigned on file whether to ask for a new medical exam from you or extend the current medical. Good luck!
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    what is ghost update?

    everything is uncertain in this Pandemic.. seems like your application is almost complete. hang in there! they have started working again now but with limited staff. you will receive it soon
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    May 2018 AOR - join here

    I know it is hard to survive when you application is in process. That's really nice of your MP for follow up . enjoy being a Permanent Residence now :)
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    May 2018 AOR - join here

    OMG congratulations! i am so happy for you buddy.. Finally! cannot image the patience and stress you have gone through
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    GCMS notes delay

    Hello everybody, just FYI that I ordered my GCMS notes in May, 2019 and just got them back today! LOL .. I already got my PR last year and this delay seems insane.. good luck to you all :)
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    under current circumstances, it will take more than now. please wait for tracker update.
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    Flagpole on weekend?

    i am sorry for the late reply. i did that on Friday. have you done your flagpole already? They were the rudest people on earth. LOL
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    Ghost update is a good sign?

    great :) congrats
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    Do I need BOWP Document for Flagpoling

    no need for BOWP. your COPR is good for landing. take your passport with you. your BOWP is no longer valid since you received PPR
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    CIC online services down

    try again at a later time and clean your cache
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    Ghost update is a good sign?

    Near to receive PPR. You will receive it by Jan 14. keep checking your emails :)
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    Which is faster FSW or Cec

    not necessarily.. depends on the application.. every individual is different and so is their application
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    Implied status and ITA

    no anything after application submission specially for BOWP i believe is not considered. correct me seniors if i am wrong
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    CEC May 2018 applicants

    just received my PR card in the mail. FINALLY! the journey has ended for me :) good luck to any of you guys who are left i am always here for any questions/concerns.