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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Just my preoccupation, since they keep me from applying for a passport. But that's over, I got my passport now.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    At least in my case, they don't accept it.
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    WEIRD behavior from Passport Canada agent, is this normal?

    I submitted PPTC 132 and the officer wanted to call all of my 4 references. Had to urge the 3 who couldn't answer, to call back. They told me if they cannot reach them, there will be a delay. How ridiculous that the government doesn't guarantee my identity. Even after call with all the 4, the...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    This is what's happening now. I had no guarantor so i brought additional form - in lieu of guarantor form (PPTC 132) They said first time after seeing this form, "you need to fill out the guarantor section", as if they had never seen this pptc 132. They left his place to ask his coworker and...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I attempted 4 times and managed to pass the reception desk and get to the counter. I was an applicant without guarantor, I submit additional pptc 132 with 4 of my friends in Canada so they kept on asking if there are someone could be my guarantor (like my landlord) They really don't like my...
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    Unfair treatment to online applicants. Is there anything we can do?

    It took me almost 1 year to process my online application. if the number of online applications isn't so many, then it doesn't have much disadvantage compared to paper application. Instead. I was able to see what's going on about my application online. they gave the oath date 1 month before.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I went to that Passport Canada where I was asked about teacher or boss and wrote 4 references not 'Friends' it's 'Studied together' the reception accepted my application and I went to a counter for submission and paid the fee. Actually I never talked to my boss even don't have contact info, my...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Montreal, 1st - Guy-Favreau Complex, 2nd - Saint Laurent, 3rd - Guy Favreau Complex Saint Laurent was better because you can walk-in.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Depends on the agent you deal with. All I can say is there are so many officers who have different protocol and want to abuse their power. All they want is to reduce the queue, asking like if you have a place to stay. That's irrelevant from your application. Once you have a valid ticket...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Officer at a reception desks are so weird. I went to a Passport Canada in person 3 times and denied for submitting application by reception after 2 hours waiting. I wasn't even able to submit application, because of the reception officer pointing out at what they think it's an error. At the...
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Application by mail takes 4 months without any guarantee that you receive back your original documents. Especially for the citizenship certificate. it takes 17 months to reprint. If lost, it's not their liability. You take the risks of not being able to prove your citizenship for 21 months.
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    I passed by Service Canada and they wrote that for passport application today you'll receive in November.
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    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    Applied online : 2021/07/19, Montreal Office AOR : 2021/10/18 Test invite : 2022/03/07 Test date : 2022/03/11 Test Complete : 2022/03/16 Oath Announce : 2022/06/22 Oath Zoom Link & Instruction Email came : 2022/07/15 Oath Ceremony : 2022/07/22 File Close : 2022/07/26 Envelop Printed : 2022/07/29...
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    Citizenship Certificate After Oath

    Montreal Ceromony : 7. 22. Closed : 7. 26. Received : 8. 4. Envelop Printed : 7. 29. It's big envelop, so make sure the mailbox has room Good Luck
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    Passport Application - Foreign Passport not accepted as ID

    Hi, I went to passport canada for passport application. The officer asked my ID I handed over my korean passport, and they don't accepted it asked ID like health card or driving license My health card has no signature, no photo (Issued during covid) and My driving license was expired. I called...