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  1. xpressentry

    Medical request

    no. the wait time was too long and then got disconnected
  2. xpressentry

    Medical request

    Anybody has any suggestions?
  3. xpressentry

    Gckey asked medical exam

    I have the same medical status. Just that I'm an EE candidate and I submitted medicals upfront. Sorry to post here.
  4. xpressentry

    Medical request

    My AOR is 29th March and I received an additional document request for IMM5476 on 30th May even though I don't have a consultant. I added my wife (accompanying spouse) as the representative as I had to choose one. After uploading the document, the update was next step is background check. My...
  5. xpressentry

    A review of my submitted documents express entry

    You need to submit proof of marriage as well.
  6. xpressentry

    Application form fill-up after getting ITA

    If the child has a father, then you are the guardian and need to submit some guardianship certifcate. if the child does not have a father or has relinquished paternity with the child, then you can adopt the child and be a parent and submit adoption certificate.
  7. xpressentry

    Is scanning documents with camscanner fine?

    this application decides your future. consider a scanner an investment and buy one. if you are in London, you are welcome to use my scanner.
  8. xpressentry

    Visa stamping

    the visa gets stamped together or at different visa offices if you'll live separately. you'll can land separately but the main applicant has to land first.
  9. xpressentry

    Waiting for ITA...Mmmm..Meanwhile

    always add extra money to account for currency conversion.
  10. xpressentry

    Upfront medical cost in India, April 2017

    I would pay £150 to do it at a clinic that's not on the panel.
  11. xpressentry

    A question about FSW 67 points and ITA

    The 67 makes you eligible. If you can't make 67, your 900+ points mean nothing
  12. xpressentry

    Masters ECA only

    I sent both. If not for immigration, it will be handy for job search as well
  13. xpressentry

    Two ECA Reports

    That's fine. When you enter your educational qualifications, it asks for ECA number individually. You can enter different number and upload both documents
  14. xpressentry

    Urgent!! need help on relatives in canada.

    Birth certificate of your mom and aunt showing the same parents
  15. xpressentry

    what will happen after my marriage?

    You have to recalculate your points based on married. If you do ECA for your wife and your wife does IELTS, your score can increase. If you don't want to get IELTS or ECA for your wife, get married after submitting eAPR. Your points won't be recalculated and you just have to provide proof of...
  16. xpressentry

    Upfront medical cost in India, April 2017

    I paid £300 in London. That's a rip off.
  17. xpressentry

    Confusion in Selecting COuntry of Education

    Location is where you were physically located. If you mention uk, you could be asked for PCC.
  18. xpressentry

    Have PR_Need to know the options to give birth my child in India

    My suggestion is have the baby in Canada. The child will get Canadian citizenship and you will never have to worry about his / her immigration.