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    Name Split in Passport, COPR and PR Card

    Hi @parmeet, @keypad, thank you for sharing your details , I too have a similar problem, my name on Indian Passport is correct as First Name under First name and Singh under Last Name but on PR Card they combined both under last name with first name as blank. My BC Service card was issued...
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    HELP - application rejected for being incomplete

    Hi Capricorn, Want to check with you, when you reapplied, did you have to submit fresh PCC for secondary applicant also ? or the previous PCC worked? What about medicals and PCC. Did you get new Medical and PCC done or the previous one was sufficient. I am in similar boat, got my application...
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    Profile Rejected due to incomplete PCC

    Thanks, I am bit nervous after the first rejection
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    Profile Rejected due to incomplete PCC

    Hi All, My profile got rejected due to incomplete PCC. I had shifted residence 2 years back and my PCC is of new address and covers 2 years, however it should have covered entire duration of last 10 years. Now i am going to submit my fresh profile and expecting an ITA in the next draw 1st...
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    Proof of Funds: Outstanding Loan/ Mortgage

    Also another doubt I have is, is it mandatory to mention Average Monthly Balance? My banks are not printing this amount as they say they do not mantain this. What should I do?
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    Proof of Funds: Outstanding Loan/ Mortgage

    Guys need help. My profile was rejected as it was incomplete. My PCC was not for the entire duration. I will be entering the pool again and hope to get ITA in Oct 1st week. Can i apply again with the same POF letters, which i used a month earlier in my first application in Sep 2018. The letters...
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    September 2018 AOR - join here

    Got E AOR on 2 Sept. Is there any whatsapp group for all Sep AOR Cases?
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    Proof Of Funds - Gift Deed Timeline

    Hi All, my father has taken a letter for his CPF which states he has x amount as balance and he can withdraw Y % of it anytime he wants and the same letter has been issued for his son's immigration process. Now my query is do I still need to get a gift deed and an affidavit made? What should be...
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    Pregnancy after ITA

    Hi all, I have a similar query. Me and my wife are 4 months pregnant and we got our ITA last week. My queries are 1. When should we get our medical done? Do we need to submit our application and then wait for CiC to tell us to get the medical done or can we do it before submitting application...
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    Ray of Hope - 95th Draw

    Could you please post the link, I want to read more
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    Ray of Hope - 95th Draw

    Thanks for the wishes, the excitement is too much to contain... another 24 hours of wait then
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    Ray of Hope - 95th Draw

    hey all, I have CRS of 475, i did not get an ITA. Do I have to wait for some time for my profile to be updated?
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    Help help help....WES did'nt recognize India's top ranked institute...what to do

    Hi, I am from XLRI too, and I also got the assessment of Two years of post-secondary study at a non-recognized institution for my 2 year full time PGDM HRM course. Can you please share the documents you sent to WES when you applied for a re-evaluation