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    New PR card processing time

    Thanks bro , but haven’t received it today as well …-_-
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    New PR card processing time

    We landed on July 20 , haven’t received my card yet . It already says approved and mailed .
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    New PR card processing time

    Mine got approved last to last Friday , haven’t received it yet -_-
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    New PR card processing time

    wow congratulations…
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    New PR card processing time

    how long did it take you to get PR card in hand after status changed to approved ?
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    New PR card processing time

    Which date landers of July have received PR please update us so that we can guess some date for ourselves
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    New PR card processing time

    Is it 7th March or 3rd July please confirm
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    PR card issuance after soft landing

    Did the June landers received PR already? did they start july processing or not yet … I m eagerly waiting for my card as I need to travel out of Canada
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    New PR card processing time

    we landed in 3rd week of July , when can we expect to get PR card … it shows 70+ days now
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    Pharmacy, assistant pharmacy NOC code 3131 available in which province?

    Hello members , I have done my PEBC of pharmacy degree evaluates to bachelors and currently working in gulf country as retail pharmacist, want to know which province is my NOC active so that I can start the process soon . Please help and advice
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    ECAS status changed to "Application Received" from "In Process"

    Hi how can outlanders contact MP and get help on the application processing ? Any help please … our progress bar is 100% and background check is in progress since 2 months , called up IRCC and. Agent said everything complete … not sure what status is correct as our file still shows decision...
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    IRCC WINNIPEG- PNP Paper-based >>Lets Connect Here

    Was your visa office Winnipeg ? Does Winnipeg issues PPR /RFV email