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  1. daris25

    SINP immigration - Need to show intent of stay in Saskatchewan

    THIS IS NORMAL , many of the candidates from our group received same letter, you have to convince them with proper explanation, you can mention my noc have huger demand in sask compare to other provinces, at the same time my relatives are planing to come to sask because it is nice place.If...
  2. daris25

    SINP - PR processing.

    yes, many cases are like this, from our whatsaap group many candidates are waiting like you.
  3. daris25

    Saskatchewan provincial nominees 2022

    Hi i am stating this thread for those who received nomination from sinp
  4. daris25


    Time frame is absolutely rubbish, It all depends on your luck.......
  5. daris25

    SINP Timeline

    there is no time frame. if you are lucky u will get nominaton very early.
  6. daris25

    Priority Skills - Newfoundland and Labrador PNP

    many of my friends received invitation to apply, they are nurses from India
  7. daris25

    INDIA delhi visa office

    did u received medical and bio metric ?
  8. daris25

    Medical Passed (2021) to CoPR

    yes. soon it will change to medical passed.
  9. daris25

    PR CARD - January 2021 Applicant

    they will collect it during the time of port of port of entry.
  10. daris25

    2019 PNP paper applicants who waiting for MR please join

    our whatsaap group and Facebook page
  11. daris25

    2019 PNP paper applicants who waiting for MR please join

    last two weeks no mr from our groups.
  12. daris25

    Is this news true??!

    yes, maybe otherwise they will speed up process, some examples from our groups AOR april 2020, still waiting for bio metrics and medical Aor august 2018, passed everything, still no news AoR SEPTEMBER 2020. WAITING FOR MEDICAL AOR MAY 2019, PASSED EVERYTHING NO NEWS AFTER THAT Do u need...
  13. daris25

    Is this news true??!

    now a days they are not processing any application with that time frame. still applicants are waiting from our whatsaap group.
  14. daris25

    Is this news true??!

    yes, that is true.
  15. daris25

    2019 PNP paper applicants who waiting for MR please join

    very soon, as per Canada immigration news.
  16. daris25

    SINP Skilled Work Experience (Section in PNP EOI Form)

    first thing. u can claim work experience only for one noc. if it is same noc it i ok. ( i am not sure). second thing , if your work experience in same noc your point will count like this Novemeber 2014- January 2021, total is 6 YEARS AND TWO MOTHS , LEAVE TWO MONTHS , TOTAL IS SIX YEARS, YOU...
  17. daris25


    you have to wait for 6-8 moths to receive the aor
  18. daris25

    2019 PNP paper applicants who waiting for MR please join

    they are holding the outland applicants.but as per our whatsaap group many are still receiving medical request and Passport request too