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    Problematic field error in company name

    The Same for me May I know how did you proceed this step?
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    Field of Study

    Hi, May I know what option you selected for your field of study?
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    NOC title to Customer Success Manager

    Hi. I am also a Customer Success Manager, May I know which NOC code did you use to apply for PR?
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    What NOC/Title would a Customer Success Manager be?

    Hi All, I am a customer success manager, Could anyone please advise what NOC code I need to use in my application? If anyone already got your PR with the "Customer Success manager" job title please help me here Thank you in advance.
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    Landed in Canada - Indian applicant

    Hi Which airlines currently operating from India to canada? What documents you brought to Canada to show to the Canadian border control agents? What question were asked by the agents to you on arrival?
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    Visa SOP

    In SOP for applying Visa, I found many SOP of students have mentioned the family ties with their home country after studies. Will that be noted seriously?
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    Help With Concordia Tuition Fee Receipt

    Yes it will be charged for everyone. Once you submit your CAQ and Study permit, they will remove the charges.
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    Help With Concordia Tuition Fee Receipt

    Yes I was charged. If you pay 1 year tution fee you can apply through SDS visa process.
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    Help With Concordia Tuition Fee Receipt

    Hi, I am accepted in Concordia University. I would like to pay the complete one year tution fee. But in my student account portal only 1st semester fee is updated. I would like to know how you got your estimation of your tution fee and what method you followed to pay the tution fee?
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    Proof of financial support

    I will be applying for visa under Non-Sds category. What document do I need to show for proof of financial supoort?
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    Can I get a GIC of cad $ 10000 and show rest of amount needed for tution fees for 1st year through bank account statement while applying for visa through general category?
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    much funds I have in bank account for proof of financial support while applying for visa?
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    Thank you. Do I need to get a letter from bank manager that I have this mu
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    Thank you. How you showed proof of funds? Either GIC or some other?
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    I Will be applying for study permit under General category not through SDS. Whether I need GIC of 10000 $?
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    What documents needed to apply for study visa through general category?
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    Thank you. While submitting visa can I show my personal bank account statement as a proof of fund for my first year tution fees, apart from GIC of CAD 10,000 $ ?
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    I found that a international student needs 11000 CAD $ for staying in quebec. Will it be a problem while applying for visa, if I show a GIC of CAD $ 10000 only?
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    How much GIC amount is needed for studies in Quebec universities?