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    Two Way courier services VFS New Delhi - India

    I need to submit passports for both my Father and Mother. Can you please confirm if one package is required or two? In my case, my Father is primary applicant and Mother is dependent. CIC passport request specifically mentioned that all documents to be received in single package. I am confused...
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    Two Way courier services VFS New Delhi - India

    Did you submit to VFS via their 2 way courier service?
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    Two Way courier services VFS New Delhi - India

    Hello, This is regarding my Parents PR passport submission request. CIC has requested for all documents in one package but I see above, some people have mentioned that VFS will be requiring one passport per package. Therefore, in my case it should be two packages. Can someone please clarify as...
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    eMedical exam - additional information required

    Hello Everyone, I applied for my Parents PR and after completing their medical exams, I received this email from IRCC for my Father’s application- Further medical information is required before a decision can be reached. Additional medical information is required. My question is that is it...
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    CV - question - Parents's PR sponsorship application

    Hello, Is there any sample available that can be shared for Parents CV? I have got the same request from IRCC. Thank you
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    CV query for Parent Grandparent sponsorship

    Hello, would the above cv format work for Parents sponsorship? Even I got CV request from IRCC for my parents. Is there any sample available that was submitted and approved by IRCC? Thank you
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    Parents marriage affidavit

    Hello, Is it possible to submit marriage affidavit for parents sponsorship instead of marriage certificate? If yes, Is there any template available ? Thanks