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    Super visa for parents

    Hi there, Need you advise if any one can help please: Want to know that if we need to submit medical test document of our parents upfront at the time of super visa application or can we be submit later when we get request from visa officer. Please help as I need to know urgently. Thanks Vikas.
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    Super Visa 2022

    Hello members, Anyone help me please. My wife is pregnant and wondering if she can apply Supervisa to bring her parents to take of her and baby. Any help would be appreciated and how long would be the process if she applies for super visa. Thanks.
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    Visitor visa for parents, in-laws under same application

    My father has business and has owned a house in a big city and my mother is house wife. They do have assets in their own name and have no intention to stay for longer,just want to see us all. Do you think I should give it a try?
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    Visitor visa for parents, in-laws under same application

    I am applying for my parents visitor Visa on my husband income behalf. He is Canadian citizen and I am permanent resident housewife. My husband has already has his parents super visa and they visited us multiple times. But now being a housewife, can I apply for parents visitor Visa,does income...