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    Just to give an example: I applied (in Toronto) in Oct 2017, had my ceremony in April 2019 - there was no pandemic back then. Mine took much longer than other people for no reason, even my MP's office sent inquiries to IRCC for me and had always been told everything was in order. It just...
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    Maintaining US Bank Accounts

    Bank account is ok, you can just change your address to Canadian address , if you can’t do it online, you can call them to change it for you. I did that with Chase and I kept an US credit card the whole time. But you can’t have an active investment account if not living in the US , same as...
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    IP means file is transfer to local office

    well, in my case, it was IP since December of 2017, but based on my GCMS , it wasn’t in the “ in transfer “ status until much later in May or June, and the physical location of my file wasn’t updated to local office till late in the fall
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    IP means file is transfer to local office

    No it only means in theory it is transferred to local office , but in reality it means nothing my file never left Nova Scotia until more than 7 months after IP - based on the GCMS report
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    Criminal record

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    Mississauga Citizenship Applicants

    That’s the problem for government jobs, they can’t hire too many temporary ones that do the same job as regular employees, and regular employees are protected by unions which are too expensive to hire and too difficult to terminate
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    to check residency status

    No need to, just log into your CRA account, if your TFSA section has no contribution room and says something like “non resident is not eligible “ then they already approved your non resident claims
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    Who can win federal Election, which party is good immigration

    That’s not true. The streamline was done before 2017 and 2017 only opened the floodgates of people becoming eligible after 3 years of becoming PR , which significantly increased the processing time for a lot of people ( including myself, waited for over 19 months, along with many people who...
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    Test ready

    Due date there means nothing ... I got my test invite about 4 months after my due date
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    Test ready

    Then it’s not ready
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    Citizenship Test Studying

    No need for any other resources, the discover Canada book is all you need to pass the test
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    Renewed passport after applying for citizenship!

    No need to inform them, just bring all your passports to the interview if you want to be safe. They will only ask for the ones with all your travel history up until the time of your application, the new passport is irrelevant
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    Letter of Explanation - Pros and Cons

    The answer to the second question is no for sure, no need to wait for ‘time’ to tell. The reasoning behind that theory is just absurd. The sponsored visitor visa is usually approved within weeks, whatever ‘checks’ involved are nothing compared to the checks needed for citizenship. Even renewing...
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    Urgent proof of citizenship for a job search?

    Getting a Passport is not getting proof of citizenship. You were already an US citizen when you applied for your passport
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    Physical Presence Calculator

    Don’t overthink it and just give everything that’s asked They check all your travel records within those 5 years regardless you were already a PR or not - don’t ask why since there could be millions of reasons : e.g. what if you traveled to some war zone or areas known for drug trafficking or...
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    Citizinship application form: Eligibility Period

    Yes you need to provide the information And of course it is important
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    What if my Canadian mother became a US Citizen?

    We live in a day and age when people don’t really want to make much effort , so I doubt any of it will be done ...
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    Residential Address Abroad?

    You are still missing the point here - you can’t “return to complete” your 1095 days like described in your original post , if you still don’t realize that , you will just waste your time and opportunity to apply for citizenship
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    Residential Address Abroad?

    Before you waste more time on this, just remember you don’t meet the residency requirement.... all that thinking would be for nothing - it would be like worrying about how to spend the money you don’t have lol