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  1. Kais767

    PR Card Timeline (Through Online Portal after ECOPR)

    Edmonton. I read that the second GU should be quite soon after the first?
  2. Kais767

    PR Card Timeline (Through Online Portal after ECOPR)

    Uploaded my photo on Oct 22, linked to GCkey the next day. Yesterday Nov 12 got a GU on the GCKey portal. Address accepted but photo still in review. Does this mean it’s almost approved?
  3. Kais767

    Withdrawing & Reapplying - CEC inland

    New application approved :)
  4. Kais767

    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    What did you provide to ask for urgent processing?
  5. Kais767

    PRTD - Singapore VO?

    Does anyone have experience applying for a PRTD from the Singapore VO? I need to travel in December and doesn’t look like my first PR card will be arriving soon.
  6. Kais767

    Singapore Visa Office

    I personally know an applicant from Malaysia who got the study permit approved in about 6 weeks back in Jun/Jul 2021. Not sure if it’s increased drastically since then or what, but the impression I got was the biometrics part was the holdup.
  7. Kais767


    Any July AOR’s who received PR cards, please share your experience? My photo is still in review on the portal. Managed to link the PRC application to my account but not sure what to expect next. Do they update when the card is issued?
  8. Kais767

    PR confirmation portal timelines

    Yes, got it in under 24 hours after photo upload. Typical of IRCC, really. No consistency. What is the process now that Ecopr has been issued? Do I still need to check the portal for updates about the photo? I’ve already linked the PR card application with my IRCC account.
  9. Kais767

    PR confirmation portal timelines

    Oct 14: received portal email, credentials, uploaded photo Oct 15: Ecopr, linked PR card application Photo and address still in review. Any ideas what to expect next? I was reading it’s possible to receive the PR card while never getting any updates on the portal?
  10. Kais767

    July 2021 AOR

    What GUs did you get, if any?
  11. Kais767

    RCMP Criminal record check

    Did you miss the original document request deadline? Is that why you had to submit the RCMP result via web form? I’m just wondering what happens if we pass the deadline. Do we write an LOE with the confirmation sheet, or just wait?
  12. Kais767

    Accompanying family member on study permit

    They definitely didn’t need written authorisation since I first looked a few weeks ago. I agree it’s a bit misleading because you need to go specifically into the page for international students and look for the family member section, rather than the main “Am I exempt?” page. Yes, a flexible...
  13. Kais767

    Accompanying family member on study permit

    Does anyone have any experience entering Canada as an immediate family member of a study permit holder? My sister has a newly approved student permit. My mother needs to accompany her (as a visitor) next week, before the Sep 7 opening. According to IRCC, my mother can enter without written...
  14. Kais767

    RCMP Background Check - Fingerprint Document Delay

    I read that the past few months have been particularly bad for wait times. At least 2 months from what I'm seeing. My guess would be the sudden influx of inland PR applicants. When I first did it in Aug 2020, I received it in the mail after 10 days. As I'm reapplying, I did another one on 16...
  15. Kais767

    Withdrawing & Reapplying - CEC inland

    I'm seriously considering withdrawing my existing CEC inland application stuck since 2020. Is it mandatory to withdraw my current application first? I already got a new ITA, but also for CEC. I know that different streams can have concurrent applications (eg PNP + CEC), but what about CEC+CEC...
  16. Kais767

    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    Did recent approvals get asked for RCMP check at some point? Just wondering if upfront RCMP check for inland is recommended.
  17. Kais767

    >>>>>>>JUNE 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    They’ve announced a medical exemption for inland applicants. Not sure how this affects those of us with expired medicals. I’d imagine an officer still needs to go into the file to approve the exemptions, just like for biometrics.
  18. Kais767

    >>>>>>>JUNE 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Same boat here. Absolutely no movement since October. Starting to think of withdrawing and reapplying....
  19. Kais767

    CEC - Application submitted with a few days short in work experience

    The lock-in date is when you submit your application (AOR). That's the date used to calculate work experience, age etc. Your spouse did not meet the 12 month requirement as of the lock in date. Best to withdraw ASAP as you get the full amount back before they start processing it (usually about...
  20. Kais767

    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    No, inland is direct CoPR. You either get a portal invite to upload your photo for the PR card, a phone call to confirm your presence in Canada, or a direct CoPR approval on the application.