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  1. ashwani.m

    SOWP, ask me anything.

    Hi, Did your wife apply for Visitor visa while SOWP was under processing? How she came to Canada ?
  2. ashwani.m

    Current Employer Not giving Reference Letter

    happened with my wife, she couldn't get one and then her colleague gave her the letter and it got accepted
  3. ashwani.m

    Program in HR for Permanent Residents - British Columbia

    Hi All, I am an HR professional and planning to get registered with CPHR, BC. For requirement w.r.t. one of the path of getting CPHR designation, I am planning to get enrolled into 3 Months' Diploma in HRM from "Ashton College, Vancouver" I know there are better options like UBC or SFU etc...
  4. ashwani.m

    Ashton College, Vancouver

    Hi all, Has anyone here or someone they know did any course from Ashton College, Vancouver. I'm planing to get enrolled into their 3 months HR Diploma program because it is recognized for CPHR designation. Is it worth it? Any other alternative in this same duration and cost criteria ?
  5. ashwani.m

    HR Professionals In Canada

    How many of you guys have applied and got CPHR, BC or CHRP, ON designation ? And how well it worked for you all while securing jobs. Your experience can help others
  6. ashwani.m

    HR Professionals In Canada

    Hi, Can you suggest a good pre-arrival service for BC as ACCES is for Ontario. something equivalent to ACCES and provides job search help, resume building support, programs in HR etc
  7. ashwani.m

    Current Employer Not giving Reference Letter

    1. No 2. No standard way of knowing this. Don't inform employer. Not needed
  8. ashwani.m

    Current Employer Not giving Reference Letter

    no details about colleague were asked for
  9. ashwani.m

    Current Employer Not giving Reference Letter

    total 1 year skilled work exp is needed
  10. ashwani.m

    Can we sponsor parents who have pre-existing illness ?

    Hi all, Will there by any problem if we sponsor our parents who do not have their health in perfect condition? What if one of the parent has kidney related issues? WE can't leave him back in home country as he is not well? Any way out? Will he become inadmissible due to medical reason?
  11. ashwani.m

    Minimum wait time to sponsor parents after first landing as PR

    Hi, Can someone help about timeline (if any) which need to adhered before applying for sponsorship of parents. I mean is there any fixed number of years after landing for first time when we can sponsor our parents? I am asking coz I guess as proof of income, IRCC asks for 3 year financial...
  12. ashwani.m

    Biometric Information letter

    Did you get “Submission Confirmation” in your CIC account?
  13. ashwani.m

    SENIORS Pls.. Visa Approved NON SDS, Got only for 6 months BUT course is for 2 years Jan 2020 intake

    my cousin also got TRV for 6 months while course duration is 2 years. Never mind. You can land in Canada, secure study permit which will be of 2 years and then apply for TRV extension.
  14. ashwani.m

    Students for September 2019 intake

    Is it possible to get admission in canada for september intake if someone applies now?
  15. ashwani.m

    College for Digital Marketing course

    Hi, My cousin wants to pursue PG Diploma, Diploma or Graduate course in Digital Marketing. Any suggestions around Vancouver/Toronto area? thanks
  16. ashwani.m

    Can change of specialisation cause student VISA rejection

    Hi, My cousin has done Bachelors in Technology (B. Tech.) from India (4 year bachelors degree). Now he wants to pursue PG diploma or Graduate course in Digital Marketing. Will change of specialisation cause VISA rejection? He has done 3 months certificate course in Digital Marketing in India...
  17. ashwani.m

    Passports to NDVO for COPR/VISA

    COPR comes with passport
  18. ashwani.m

    Experience letter

    YEs. whatever your company is ready to give, provide that, support with appointment letter and salary slips, tax declarations (if available/applicable), bank stmt to salary amount and then attach reference letters from your supervisors as well, don't forget to mentioned number of working hours...
  19. ashwani.m

    Experience letter

    Letter from ex-manager will do if you fail to get it from your previous employer. explain this in LOE also and provide all offer/appointment letter, salary slips, appraisal letters, increment letters etc to support your claim