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    New PR confirmation portal

    I created my profile in the new PR confirmation portal, on Dec 2. Updated the address and photo the same day. eCOPR : Dec 3 No updates after that. Still showing, IRCC is reviewing your information. People in same boat please join here
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    Doubt regarding Canadian Work Experience

    Hello Fam ! Hope everyone is doing well. I have one doubt that I want to clarify regarding Canadian Experience Class Category. During my work experience, I have been working for a company which I left after 4 months. So, the company gave me an Experience Letter, mentioned me as a part time...
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    Confusion about Work Experience

    Hello Folks! My name is Harmandeep Singh. I am planning to apply for Express Entry in coming weeks. I have Masters degree here in canada and Bachelors back home. Confusion is regarding the work experience. In 1 year of my work experience, I have worked at 3 different places. NOC codes for all 3...