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    PLEASE HELP! URGENT! Re-entry with work permit?

    Make sure he has valid visa.
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    Live in caregiver work visa going to expire but work permit still valid

    Yes. You can apply visa through Ottawa Visa processing centre. You surely could find the informaiton on CIC website.
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    TWP Applicant Pregnant

    Medical is required for visa if her country needs one. Child born in Canada can swear to be a Canadian citizen when reaching 18. Before that, the child is entitled to all other rights except voting. However, that wont give the mother any advantage for staying in Canada. Mother has to renew her...
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    questions about applying in port of entry

    Sometimes CBSA will issue Work Permit at POE. There are chances refusals were made. Depending on the situation, sometimes a voluntary removal from CA will be issued. Sometimes CBSA allows a short period of time as visitor. so you can test your luck if you don't care of the return ticket.
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    Applying for a temporary resident visa online..

    Review your answers to the questions. There should be one asking which visa you apply and it should allow you to choose multiple entry. and Doc checklist should also show $150 from the very begining.
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    OWP - entry to canda when pregnant,

    WP refusal could not be based on preganancy. However, if your wife needs extensive health care for her other medical needs, the officer could make a decision to delay her travel with you together.
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    airport question and papers ready

    The CBSA officer can ask any questions they believe necessary for them to make a decision. They may call your employer as well to verify your job offer. Get ready your contract, job offer, LMO (if you have one), passport, and any certificate required by your job before proceeding to the officer.
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    QUITTING A JOB (cancelling work permit and how long can u stay in canada)

    Which province you are in? Usually you can submit your marriage certificate. Submitt all other things like photos only when an officer required you to.
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    Traveling outside of Canada on post graduation work permit

    If you are form visa required contry, you need a valid visa to re-enter Canada.
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    QUITTING A JOB (cancelling work permit and how long can u stay in canada)

    CIC will let you know if your WP is cancelled. Otherwise, you can stay till the expiry date or further noctice from CIC. It depends on your husband's status in CA if you could have an open work permit. Without that information, I could not give your any direction.
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    Approved message from CIC

    Give it 2 weeks.
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    Changing employer: how does this affect my spouse?

    If you have another skilled work permit, and your spouse's open work permit is still valid, she could keep it till the expiry date and change to new one based on your new work permit. If you change to semi-skilled or lower, there is a concern and you should seek for advice from CIC.
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    Does my Canadian work permit become invalid if I leave the country for a while?

    You will need to provide a document from your employer proving that you are returning to the position/location/company stated on your work permit when you return to Canada and letter that you have been sent to US for the Canadian company's business. you still have to meet other requirements as...
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    Status of a baby born in Canada

    Please continue read: (2) Paragraph (1)(a) does not apply to a person if, at the time of his birth, neither of his parents was a citizen Which means the baby is not a citizen if birth is before parents have PR.
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    visa expires on June 7, work permit on June 18, do I have to leave before June 7

    You need to leave when your Work Permit expires.
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    Want to get work permit. Help and advice needed.

    Accountant is a regulated profession. you need to be certified by a local accountant association to practice as accountant in the province you want to stay. Employer will be hesitant to give your job offer as accountant if you are not registered. But you can search for other jobs that you can do...
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    Bridging Work-Permit Help in filling the application

    Have you answered the eligibility question like this: "Does one of the following apply to you? •I am subject of a removal order that is unenforceable •I applied for a study or work permit before entering Canada which was approved, but not issued at a port of entry; or •I applied for permanent...
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    pleseeeee help urgent please......................

    If both you and your spouse working, not much worry when you attach copy of your work contract showing your salary per year. If your spouse is not working, means, did not have off-campus work permit (fulltime students can work on campus without work permit), then your sole salary will be needed...
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    Work Permit-International Student

    If you have paid your fee and uploaded all necessary document, it takes up to 3-4 months for you to have it. Did not know why you have scheduled a departure date as you need to have your visa to your passport before you can enter Canada to have your WP processed.
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    Work permit extension (need Help)

    90 days starts to count from the expiry date of your current Work Permit. So it is actually April 10, you start counting. Once you submit your application to CIC, you just wait for their response. If you applied after April 10, you need submit an application for restoration of status. If you...