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  1. Diana-Armenian

    Please help me, I need ur advice !!

    Hi.. I am Armenian and I am married to Canadian. I am 5 months pregnant and I have some problems, so I need to bring my mother as a tourist. But it is required to have income and bank statements that she doesn't have. Her salary is cash and she doesn't have any checks. the money she gets from...
  2. Diana-Armenian

    Passport request ONLY through VFS. Global

    VFS Global manages the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC). Who knows how long will it take to get my passport back? It was sent to Moscow.. They didn't give me any idea.
  3. Diana-Armenian

    Online status check, 2nd line appeared in process but no medical received

    well, my status is: We received your application for permanent residence on May 1, 2014. We started processing your application on February 12, 2015. My friend has exactly the same dates, but she has 3rd line, medicals received. I had ordered GCMS notes, it is mentioned there that medicals were...
  4. Diana-Armenian

    Anyone here who got passport copy request first, then passport?

    Hi all. I would like to know how long it takes to get passport request after getting passport copy request (I am from visa required country).
  5. Diana-Armenian

    I got my GCMS notes !!

    According to 01.15.15 my status is open and in progress.. Is it a good sign?
  6. Diana-Armenian

    Urgent question..

    Hi all.. I have just noticed that WARSAW processing time changed from 8 to 9 months. Does it refer to the new applicants only or the once who applied several months ago? Thank u in advance
  7. Diana-Armenian

    will I be able to travel to USA? ..

    Hi.. will I be able to travel to USA if I hold armenian passport and I have PR? THanks in advance
  8. Diana-Armenian

    GCMS notes

    Hi.. How often can we order GCMS notes and how long does it take to get the answer? Can it be less than 30 days?
  9. Diana-Armenian

    WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !!

    Hello everyone.. Let's share our experience here.
  10. Diana-Armenian

    Question about processing time. Answer pls

    Hello.. i would like to know if I should count my days from 24 July 2014 or from 04 September 2014. initially my papers were sent to Moscow on 24 July, then we got an e-mail saying that the papers were transferred to Warsaw for faster processing. Any advice ?
  11. Diana-Armenian

    Question about processing time

    Good morning.. Can the processing time be less than it is mentioned? Any experience? Thank u in advance
  12. Diana-Armenian

    Processing time for Warsaw, poland. HELP !!

    Hello.. I need a help .. My papers are in Warsaw since September 04, 2014. I cannot follow my case with my file number. I need to know if there r people who applied through warsaw embassy and how long it took. Also u were asked to go to the embassy or u sent ur passport. Any answer will be...