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  1. keesio

    For canada PR

    You will certainly be given that chance in an interview (if one is needed). Maybe by then, you will have your big ceremony and it will all be a non-issue
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    For canada PR

    IRCC may be curious why you wish to not disclose your marriage to your other relatives. Not a deal breaker of course. But it is just another potential thing to explain to IRCC.
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    For canada PR

    Normally, your facebook profile would not really have much impact. But your court/civil marriage will raise some suspicions to IRCC since the expectation in South Asian cultures are large weddings...
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    yeah i guess context really matters here. Who is the kid? How was he "dancing"? Is it something as harmless as a funny video of his nephew playing around in a public bath house, with the video recorded by the kid's father? Or something more sinister?
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    A dancing naked baby is likely not that big a deal on its own. Likely there are some missing details here.
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    Filing Tax in both U.S. and Canada?

    Good point. When my wife moved over, she left her accounts alone. She doesn't contribute to them anymore. But she never updated her address (he parents address where she lived before she moved). I would imagine you get more hassles if you update your address.
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    **INDIAN background-- CIVIL wedding?**

    I don't think the other commenters (i.e. me) disagree with you here. In fact, I completely agree with your comment above.
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    **INDIAN background-- CIVIL wedding?**

    I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that IRCC (in cases of relationship doubt) will never outright reject an application without at least an interview. The interview itself is trigged because they have issues with the relationship validity and that is the applicant's big chance to explain...
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    **INDIAN background-- CIVIL wedding?**

    Unfortunately, yes. It is going to be a red flag. See my related post below: You will need to overcome this red flag with good relationship proof and a good explanation. Based on what you...
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    Will I get kicked out for misrepresentation?

    I doubt it. Investigating abuse of PNP seems to be low on IRCC's priority list.
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    Canadian Pr making daily day trips to US on J1 visa

    It all depends on your priorities. If it is mostly economic, then (depending on the profession) the USA is likely worth the risk. If the other factors like the overall quality of life is factored in, then it becomes more complex.
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    Canada immigration home visit

    Rare, but it can happen: In some cases, where a spouse is already in Canada, the investigation may also include a surprise visit to the couple’s home. That occurred in a case...
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    Civil wedding

    Yes, IRCC certainly will expect south asians to have a big wedding since that is the stereotype and "cultural norm" A western couple could get married in a small civil ceremony and not have an issue. But...
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    misrepresentation appeal

    Appealing a misrepresentation ban is difficult. You need a legit lawyer, not a consultant.
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    worker asked me to mail original PR cards, is this normal?

    This one:
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    Civil wedding

    A civil wedding only will invite more scrutiny to the application. But if the rest of the relationship proof is strong, then it can be ok (depending on "cultural norms" as starnaenae alluded to).
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    Problems of moving to another country with husband while applying for PR?

    As k.h.p. mentioned, "vague" is not going to cut it. They want a fairly detailed timeline. They want to see that both of you will move when PR comes through, regardless of if he has a job lined up or not. The best thing would be for you to submit a plan that has you looking for a job when his PR...
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    Nexus Entry question please reply

    I've had NEXUS since 2011 and have never been pulled over for secondary unless I declared something. I don't do a daily crossborder commute however, and my travel back and forth is usually via plane. EDIT: I did get pulled over once during land crossing back to Canada because the NEXUS lane was...
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    is getting PR that easy?

    Yeah this is the key one. So many people get duped into going to a school that does not offer a path to PGWP.
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    Oath in Polish language ??

    Don't stress out over the oath. They aren't going to judge your language fluency during the oath. As long as it looks like you are *trying* to say it in English or French, they will not care. They will look to see if you lips move and the lips move somewhat correctly. You can be reading the oath...