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  1. shannonxtreme

    Buying a car - should I wait?

    I'm planning on buying a used car (cash, no financing). My PR application is currently in process and I'm on a work permit. Would I be wiser to wait for PR before I make this purchase?
  2. shannonxtreme

    How do I apply for OHIP using my CEC ITA/AOR?

    I've applied for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class. I want to apply for OHIP. The requirements for OHIP include: My ITA (Invitation to Apply) or my AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt) Driver's license Credit card The issue here is the documents are supposed to be originals...
  3. shannonxtreme

    My letter of employment was outdated. What do I do next?

    I realised tonight that the reference letter from the company I claimed a year of Canadian work experience for is out of date - it was issued in December 2018. I only reached year of work experience in May 2019. The letter did state I was FT permanent as well as hours and salary. I don't...
  4. shannonxtreme

    Expected start date of employment when I'm already working

    My employer was submitting the application for an LMIA exempt job offer based on an OINP nomination. One of the fields was the expected start date of employment. I'm already working here, but we can't select a past date. We set it to the date my current PGWP work permit ends and submitted the...
  5. shannonxtreme

    [OINP] Question about paying the Employer Compliance Fee

    My employer is currently filling out the business profile and job offer info on the Employer Portal for a closed LMIA-exempt work permit under an OINP nomination. I understand a $230 compliance fee is required. My employer prefers to save time for the accounting department by asking me to use...
  6. shannonxtreme

    Does implied status void your current work permit?

    Background timeline: Graduated - 25 May 2018 (letter issued) Applied for PGWP - 26 May 2018 Submitting profile for EE CEC - 26 May 2019 PGWP expires - 14 July 2019 I received a confirmation of nomination from Ontario under a non-EE stream. My current 1-year PGWP expires in July 2019. I'm...
  7. shannonxtreme

    Question about LMIA-exempt Work Permit

    I received a nomination from Ontario along with a work permit support letter that allows me to apply for an LMIA-exempt work permit down the line with my current employer. Can I use that to qualify for the "qualifying offer of arranged employment" requirement of Express Entry? From what I...
  8. shannonxtreme

    Work experience on implied status - clarification needed

    I received a letter from my college in May 2018 confirming I had met my requirements for graduation. I was on a co-op work permit at the time. I applied for a PGWP in May and received it in July 2018. I understand that I was on implied status from the date I applied for the PGWP. When...
  9. shannonxtreme

    [OINP] When do nominations typically open?

    I've gone through the OINP site and it appears last year's first draw was on the 26th of January. Are the first nominations of the year for the various streams all issued around the end of January? I applied on December 06 2018 and am currently in Decision in Progress status.
  10. shannonxtreme

    Question about work permit after PR application submitted

    After getting nominated by the OINP and applying for PR, can I apply for a bridging open work permit? Currently on PGWP and it will expire a couple of months after I have applied for PR.
  11. shannonxtreme

    Do all OINP International Student w/ Job Offer nominations have employer restrictions?

    I applied for the OINP International Student with Job Offer stream. I plan on applying for a Bridging Open Work Permit after being nominated and submitting my PR application. Do all of the nominations under this stream have an employer restriction or is it a case-by-case thing?
  12. shannonxtreme

    PNP Permanent Residence - Processing Steps for Paper Applications

    This is a breakdown of the processing steps for a paper-based application for Permanent Residence (PR) through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the start-up business class, the self-employed class, and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). I will mainly be addressing paper-based PNP...
  13. shannonxtreme

    Applied to OINP - status still Submitted

    Submitted my application to the OINP (Intl Student w/ Job Offer Stream) on the 6th of December 2018 and the status is still Submitted. Is there a status that implies the application has been received?
  14. shannonxtreme

    Proof of Funds for OINP: Int'l Student w/ Job Offer Stream

    I have an offer of employment for a full-time permanent role from a Toronto-based employer for whom I'm currently working. I'm applying to the OINP in the International Student with Job Offer stream. After I am nominated, can I use my income as proof of funds for the Permanent Residency...
  15. shannonxtreme

    Is the Employer Job Offer: Intl Student program a sponsorship?

    My company refuses to apply if the program is a sponsorship of any sort. Does filling the Employer Form count as a sponsorship? If no, where would I find this on an official website?
  16. shannonxtreme

    An LMIA is in the works, but will probably only get approved AFTER completing the Express Entry

    My employer is getting an LMIA for my role but it will only be processed after I've submitted my EE profile. I don't need the points to qualify for the CRS score, but I was wondering if I can still show my valid job offer instead of Proof of Funds if I get an ITA, even if I said "No" to the...
  17. shannonxtreme

    Proof of funds question for Express Entry (Skilled Worker program)

    I'm currently in Canada on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for one year and am working for an employer in the field in which I graduated. The job is a permanent position that extends indefinitely. It is not supported by an LMIA as my company has a policy against applying for LMIAs on behalf...
  18. shannonxtreme

    [Answered] Getting an LMIA with a Current Employer

    I'm currently here on a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) valid for one year. I graduated from Centennial College on 03/2018. I'm currently working for an employer full-time. I was filling out my Express Entry application and noticed the question asking about a Labour Market Impact Assessment...