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    WES has sent documents for verification to College/ University.

    Hi guys, seems everyone getting issues for EC with WES. I was about to send my documents to WES but i am kinda confused now. Anyone plz advice for more professional Educational Credential Service Provider rather than WES. Thanks
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    New Zealand office

    Thanks for the info. I'll start following the thread and start collecting all the documents required. Thanks once again
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    New Zealand office

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I want to know if there is any good consultant in auckland who can guide me thru express entry process.
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    Hey guys, Help Anyone from NZ apply express entry recently? Want to know any good consultant in Auckland NZ or
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    New Zealand office

    Hi everyone, Hope you guys doing well. I just joined this forum. Anyone here from NZ or can anyone help me or guide me? Actually i am struggling to find a good consultant in auckland NZ who can help me in express entry proces