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    Applied for visitor visa: Biometeric stopped due to COVID :Expert advise Needed

    Hello I am PR n living in Ontario. I have visitor visa for my brother. He received request for biometric but biometric not happening due to COVID. i have already booked ticket for myself n my mother for 25 dec. what should I do ??
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    Spouse work permit

    Hello experts, my wife who is on study permit lives in Brampton and i am in Alberta on tourist visa. i came here 3 month back. Now i am applying for work permit online. since i am in canada i have to say we are living together. How can we proof that we live together.
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    How to apply PR for my parents

    Hello Experts, I am PR and living in Ontario wants to apply for PR for my parents. Please direct me on this. Thank You
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    Paper File :Student Visa Application Still in Process

    Hello Experts, I applied on 16 May at VFS Chandigarh and its still in process. why they are taking so long for my application? Please comment Thank You
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    Any Whatsapp group for citizenship applicants

    Any whatsapp group for citizen applicants?
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    Applying Visitor Visa for my younger brother

    Hello Experts, I am Permanent Resident of Canada. My parents got visitor visa during my graduation. But my younger brother visa got rejected because he applied after graduation and documents he submitted were not sufficient as per visa officer. Now I am submitted his visa application online...
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    Application Submitted in March 2017

    Application Submitted - 18 March 2017 under CEC class Medical Passed- 6 April Background check -We are processing your background check. Review of eligibility - We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements. Anyone got any update after medical passed ? how long it takes for...
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    i am on work permit. my younger bro wants to apply for visitor visa. he got rejection once. Any sugestion?
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    i have a working in Canada and got ITA under CEC. What letter i need to upload in financial segment?
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    Help!!!!letter format from company required for proof of financial support

    what kind of letter i need to provide under Proof of Means of Financial Support (required) if i dont want to show funds? I am working in Canada
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    difference between Employment Records (required) & Letter of Employment (require

    Hello Experts, I got invitation under CEC Class. when i was uploading the documents. it ask me for three documents for same employment. Offer of Employment (required) Employment Records (required) Letter of Employment (required) Please tell me difference between Employment Records (required)...
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    Address History After getting ITA

    Hello all, I have studied outside my home time for 4 year. Every year different hostel at university. Then work for 2 year at different locations. Do i need to add all the address?? write now i do not remember my hostel address during my graduation.
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    Reference letter from previous employer

    Reference letter from previous employer It is very tough to get all details on one letter. So i got two letter Experience letter ( show date i worked and job titile ) additional letter ( show responsibility and no of hr in week) Offer letter ( salary and benefits) Tax statement ( proof of paid...
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    I have no idea what to put for below queation Have you listed all of Gourav's periods of military service or government positions (if any), and all of the organizations that Gourav Sharma belongs to (if any)?????
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    Work experience letter

    Hi Everyone, I have worked 1 year back home now in canada applying under CEC after 1 year of experience I have worked in home country for 16 months. I got experience letter mentioning the joining and last date with designation , offer letter , separate letter stated the job location and...
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    Need to Show PAst Work experience!!!

    i have offer letter from employer. just got experience certificate but that does not state job duties and working hour. just states the date of joining, designation and last working date. I requested them to add additional information. But they can not change the format just for me. and its...
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    NOC code in current letter of employment to apply undr cec

    do the employer need to specified NOC code in current letter of employmen.
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    Employer Reference letters Format

    Can anyone upload the Employer Reference letter just for the reference?
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    Looking for part time Cadd engineer job near windsor

    Dear All, kindly advice me the job in windsor for mechanical engineer in cadd designing i know the Autocad , Solidworks, Pro/E and Catia
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    Ielts Score got expired on same day i applied for visa

    HIII everyone My Ielts score got expired on 30 June 2014 and i applied on same day for visa. will they accept it???????? My profile 10th-83.5% 12th-88% Btech-8.7 CGPA applied for M Tech feed paid for 1 semester and remaining showed with loan from bank